Woman narrowly escapes jackknifing semis on I-70

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One Indiana woman is lucky to be alive after narrowly escaping two semis jackknifing right in front of her during Thursday’s massive Interstate 70 crash.

Joy Stierwalt and her sister were driving to Monrovia when she noticed traffic up ahead.

“We make it almost to the underpass and we see semi’s hitting breaks, and they start sliding,” she explained.

She said she hit her breaks, but they locked up. Suddenly, she found herself heading straight in the middle of the two semis. Somehow, she said, she managed to swerve to the right and miss the trucks.

“They are jackknifing in front of me! And I got over on the shoulder and made it around the concrete barrier,” she said. “We thought we were gonna die. We’re gonna die.”

She pulled over and then she and her sister sat and watched the horror unfold right before their eyes.

“We finally get stopped and we’re like oh my God we can’t believe this just happened. We’re freaking out. And then all you can hear is crush! Crush! And you can just hear metal! Metal!”

Dozens of cars and semis started piling up. Four people were trapped in their vehicles. Avon firefighter Lt. Jason Porter had to use the jaws of life to get a man out of his semi-truck.

“The engine and compartment kinda collapsed around him, had his feet trapped in the car,” he said. “Certain vehicles you kinda look at and you wonder how people are still okay.”

Both he and Stierwalt still can’t believe how many people survived.

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