WXIN-TV/Fox59 News addresses school violence with extended coverage and town hall event

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IMG_1782Fox59 News is taking a leadership role in addressing violence in schools with four days of extended news coverage and an hour-long televised forum.  Common Ground: Stopping School Violence brings educators, law enforcement and parents together in a landmark event.  The forum focuses on how to better protect our children in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut as well as recent violent events at schools here in Central Indiana.IMG_1775

“With the spate of violence in our schools, nationally and locally, we wanted to take the bold step in starting a real and constructive dialogue,” says Larry Delia, Vice President and General Manager of WXIN-TV & WTTV-TV. “This is an initiative that transcends our roles as journalists; we are empowering the local community to rise up, ask tough questions, and ultimately keep our children safe in their schools.”

Special reports will air nightly on Fox59 News at 10 during the week of Feb. 4.  The in-depth stories will focus on a variety of topics in the current school violence debate, including gun control measures, mental illness, school security,  and even the idea of arming our teachers.

IMG_1736These stories set the stage for a sixty-minute open forum with a panel discussion.  The panel included a school superintendent, other administrators, security experts, and a psychologist along with a parent and student.  Fox59 News anchors Angela Ganote and Ray Cortopassi moderated the discussion which included questions from the live audience and social media.

“As one of Indiana’s largest school districts, Hamilton Southeastern was a logical choice for beginning the dialogue,” notes Lee Rosenthal, News Director at IMG_1828WXIN-TV Fox59. “The district’s Superintendent deserves a lot of credit for wanting to host this forum, working in partnership with Fox59 to raise awareness of the challenges and brainstorm solutions.”

The event was pre-recorded at Fishers Junior High School and will air on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m..  As viewers watch the event on Fox59, they can take part in a live discussion on the station’s Facebook page led by Fox59 News Anchor Fanchon Stinger.

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  • Beryle

    I am a retired police officer and have had guns in my life since my dad gave me my first on my 12th birthdayand taught me to hunt. after 20 years plus in law enforcement my guns have hurt no one even though I have been shoot at many times including my left ear grazed by arrestee. But put into the hands of an insane person such as the one at Sandyhook school they might hurt someone. Automobiles are a very useful tool but put a drunk driver behind the wheel they are more deadlier than guns. I have seen more deaths by these people than by guns. Yes the deaths at sandyhook is tragic, But so called Doctors kill over 1,000,000 children each year. If we keep harping on banning guns. Shouldn't we ban automobiles and abortion clinics? I have also held a F.F.L. to sell guns for 33 years and do background checks on everyone I have even refused to sell guns to people that I felt were not acting just right. The problem is these private collecters that sell at flea markets and gun shows. make them go through an F.F.L. dealer so background checks will be made on all gun sales If they refuse hit them with large fines or jail time. This is gun control Not banning certain weapons. .

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