Ambulance involved in accident in Hamilton County

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The Hamilton County Sheriff’s office is on the scene of a serious accident involving an Eaton ambulance. It happened near 24222 State Road 37.

State Road 37 south of the location is currently closed.

The driver of the ambulance lost control while transporting a dialysis patient.

No serious injuries have been reported.


Fox 59 has a crew on the way and we’ll update you on this story as more info becomes available.


  • say it isn't so

    An ambulance needed to be called. They went by our house.
    This was not too long after the first ambulance went by our house.
    I hope they're going to be okay.

  • guest

    My guess it was a private service ambulance like Seals, those people typically get too gung ho over an emergent call to the nursing home.

    • steve

      youre an idiot. dialysis doesnt require lights and sirens, its a medical procedure/appointment. there was no gung ho about it. its called snow and ambulances dont do so well in it. dummy

      • cory

        some dialysis paient do sometime needs light and sirens if they needed to be transport to dialysis so they dont be late…and i know this cuz im a dialysis patient my self

      • alan

        If you've been transported to a dialysis appointment with lights and sirens so you
        "don't be late" then the EMS service that transported you should have their certification revoked. Lights and sirens are reserved for emergencies. You know, like heart attacks, cardiac arrests, people not breathing. By running lights and sirens to non-emergency calls, especially SCHEDULED appointments NOT going to a hospital, an ambulance crew is putting the patient's life, their own lives, and the countless lives of the public at unnecessary risk. This is a LAW known as Due Regard. There is also one known as Negligance that also falls into this same catagory. I am not judging this EMS crew as this story does not say whether they were running lights or not. However as to the crew that transported you, Cory, to your dialysis center running lights and sirens, I hope that they don't ever get involved in an accident or get pulled over and discovered. Stupidity like this is why people lose their jobs and lives.

      • guest

        I have 10 yrs of ems experience and I can tell you private service emt's do NOT have the experience they need, many drive too fast for one thing. The wreck wouldn't have been that bad if the driver took the weather into consideration and slowed down.

  • Scott

    Out there it is more likey Rural Metro and as a former Seals employee and volunteer firefighter please let me know your name so as to make sure when someone from your family is in need we can slow down and have a bite to eat before we show up

    • guest

      Haha, Seals? Then you DO know your way around a dialysis clinic. Yeah I wouldn't trust you to properly cspine someone. And a vollie firefighter to top it off? Dude I wouldn't trust you with a garden hose. There's two reasons why some is a vollie. 1 they can't get hired on the career side and 2 they can't get hired on the career side.

      • Seth

        Just to let you know i work for a private transport company and I'm a volunteer fireman and EMT on my days off. If it weren't for volunteers there wouldn't be any firemen in the United States because they make up 75- 80% of all firemen you idiot and we have the same if not more training and take it more serious then most career firemen. For Pride not pay

      • guest

        keep telling yourself that Seth. Thats what people believe when they get rejection letter after rejection letter from a career dept. Lastly, I've been on numerous fires with vollie dept's that started defensive cuz thats all they new, they had no idea what fire operations is.

  • GlitterNBoots

    Are you serious? Who the heck are you two to comment on something like this and say that kind of stuff? You don't know if he was going too "gung ho," I'm sure he hit a bad spot on the road because you know.. IT IS BAD OUT! Oh and just so you know, they do emergency calls too. Not just transports. So take your smart comments somewhere else because you have no IDEA what you're talking about.

    • guest

      you are so right about your statements my daughter works for them and they risk their lives everyday, either taking people to dr. appt. or hospital! or home to their loved ones. just hope both both employers and person in back are ok!__

  • Scott

    When I posted no info on what ambulance was involved. I hope everyone is ok. Still no need to attack EMT's doing their job. I have had to drive in an ice storm with an ambulance they do not drive like a car


    Speaking from ignorance reflects ignorance. I am hoping all involved survived with no more than minor injuries; even though minor is relative.

  • Guest

    The roads are slick and hazardous, you have to adapt to the roads and the idiots that think they can drive fast because they are invincible . I too am an EMT and do this work every day, there again people USE YOUR HEADS, Some body's life could be at risk

  • guest

    I've seen my share of private service emt's looking like scrubs when they're on the job, unshaven with shirts untucked, and Eaton isn't any different. The way you look reflects on the job. Closing statement—slow down, remember our motto- It's not your emergency.

  • Annette

    To the ones making comments about the vol. fire departments my son is one and you really need to keep your comments to ur self . Because vol.depts put there lives on the line so keep you neg comments to ur self my son is a great vol. So proud of u son and all the men and woman that put there life on the line for people like that.

  • guest

    Vols put their lives on the line everyday for people they do not know. We live for the patients and the job that we do, not for the money that we get paid. This line of work is very physically, emotionally and mentally draining. We take home what we do every day. "Transport companies" as you call them spend more time with patients then most of their own family members. Patients become like close friends or family to those who have had the previlage of caring for each and every patient we serve. This could have happened to anyone accidents happen everyday. When it happens to you, you will be praying a vol service is close and available to you and your loved ones.

    • GUEST

      o so true, some of them really do spend more time with patients then their own family! keep up the good work VOLS!:)

  • Anonymous

    I work there they were not running a sig 10 this was just a accident there are very good people here at Emt and care very much about what they do and are very good at what they do. I drive one of the ambulance and have for six years and care very much for each and every person the we have this is the first accident of any kind in the ambulance we make 200 runs a day 6 & 7 days a week WE NEVER run a sig 10 to take a patient because there late NEVER onley in life or death matter !!

    • vicki

      First off I have to say I love it! You (emt/medics) get annoyed with us (nurses) thinking we know it all. I would love some of the people to go back and read the crap they put! We are all human We all make mistakes! Accidents happen get over it! As to the person saying a second ambulance came yes because they had to continue the transport of the patient. For those of you trying to say one service or county ems is better than another I have dealt with so many your all the same! You all have areas of fault so let’s be adults and stop pointing fingers and let’s remember the brother/sisterhood we all are working together to care for the patients if you are always fighting you loose site of how to care for the patient.

      • guest

        Vicki as a paramedic I can intubate, push cardiac meds and narcotics, pace, defib, sync cardiovert ALL without a Dr's orders…..can you? NO! haha

  • David J

    Just to let you all know…The patient in the ambulance accident is a cousin (by marriage). I have been told she has two broken arms and is bleeding from the brain. As for the comments regarding the vol/career firepersons, her late father in law was a fireman for many years in Elwood. I'm sure that she would be disappointed in the rhetoric that has appeared on this page regarding the capabilities of either/or fire personnel

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