Police: Man arrested after stabbing mother and half-sister to death

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Police are investigating what led a man to stab his mother and 6-year-old half-sister to death. It happened at the family’s home near Monticello early Saturday morning.

David Rodenbarger, 20, is being held at the White County Jail and charged with murder.

Indiana State Police said Michelle Haskins was the one who called 911 before she died from her injuries. Her daughter, Jillian, was taken to the White County Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

It’s a tragedy those who know the family say is unimaginable.

“We’re upset about it. Of course, everybody would be but what a tragedy,” said Rodger Clendenen, who lives next door from the family. “My daughter did go to school with him. She graduated high school with him. [He was a] very pleasant kid — very pleasant.”

Police said Rodenbarger could face more charges.

Monticello victims

Jillian Haskins, 6, and Shelly Haskins, 41.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >Police are investigating what led a man to stab his mother

    Untreated or poorly managed mental health.

    I'll bet the mofo wasn't taking his dose to control whatever psychosis he had. Or he had a psychosis that was largely ignored by the family.

  • Luke

    This doesn't surprise me NOT ONE BIT! Everytime something happens within a black community, People get on here and go crazy bashing them but Looky here… Only 2 comments! This is the world we live in? Blacks are bashed for their actions But when a white person does something It's considered a "Mental Health" issue… I pray for this family! I don't like to see anyone killed! Especially children who aren't capable of defending themselves.

    • guess who

      Why do you bring up race? You read about a tragedy and your second sentence jumps right into race. This is why our country is so messed up. Set aside the color of one's skin and focus on the main issue at hand here: A mother and young girl lost their lives!

  • Harold Friend

    Well Luke get over the prejudese attitude. It not about color anymore. I am so tired of it. Blacks will always yell raciest everytime someone does something. Heck blacks have it made. I happen to know these people that lost their lives. Black white Chinese whatever color it is children killing children. I pray for everyone. Even you.

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