Double shooting on Southeast side

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Two people are left in critical condition after an overnight shooting on the Southeast side.

It happened just after 1 a.m., Sunday.

A man and a woman were inside a home on Drexel Ave., when suddenly, bullets rained in through the front window, striking both people. The woman was shot in the head.

A police officer at the scene said at least 10 bullets were fired into the home. IMPD isn’t sure yet if it was a drive-by shooting, and is still working to point out suspects and a motive.

The victims are both in their twenties. They were transported to Wishard.


  • garys family

    So just because they were drug addicts don’t mean they deserved to get shot and in Whitney’s case die its so sad that everyone thinks they know what there talking about u don’t know anything so quit judging Gary had a ruff life and he has to live with this for the rest of he’s life he loved her more than anything in this word u people don’t think he’s in pain well he is and he’s not a bad guy her and him just made some bad choices and don’t we all make some bad choices I know I have ur not god so quit judging him

  • Brandy

    Does anyone know how Gary is doing? I would like to have info if any on her funeral arrangements… Very sad that my friend died and the other one might die as well..

    • Family Friend

      Gary is doing fine . He is out of the hospital . As for the arrangements for Whitney there haven't been any made yet . I'm sure as soon as there are some made someone will post it .

    • Family Friend

      How do you know what they did and didn't do ? Unless you was doing it right along with them !! Hmmmmm

  • family of his

    How about we worry about how we can change it.Instead of worrying about what they did or didn't do.It sounds like you people are standing by the murders instead of the victims.Let's find the murders instead of finding there faults.THAT'S A CHANGE WE NEED TO WORRY ABOUT. "PLEASE MAKE A CHANGE EVERYBODY"

  • wtf

    @family friend- hmmmmm I know what drugs the junkies used because they turned my brother into a heroin addict after being clean for over 2 years. I know because they turned my best friend into a pill head when she had never thought to even touch a drug. gary and whitney would sell drugs to pregnant girls knowing they were going to use the product.whitney was shooting up daily while pregnant she was so messed up day in and day out she didnt even know her own name sometimes.ive seen with my own eyes the drugs they push the teens they sell to the husbands and wifes fight because of whitney escorting herself for drugs yes she would do favors for drugs.and that baby she was pregnant with was not garys.

  • wtf

    its just going to be another shooting thats forgot about in a month nobody ever cares about junkies getting shot,yeah she was pregnant but that baby never had a shot at a good life.for one it was addicted since day one.and probabley would have seen and been through stuff many adults dont have to suffer through.yes its horrible to say but that baby is lucky its in heaven.just like everyone is saying gary knows who he robbed and gary knows who shot whitney and gary needs to quite being a coward and tell the truth about the gold buick that he says did the drive by.

  • someone who loved her

    Hey check out the stats of that dude who turned whitneys moms house into a trap house thats who she robbed and thats who had her killed Krashawn aka shawn thats who everybody needs to throw under the bus he should not get away with this you cant run forever even tho she may have been on drugs there were people out here who loved her that are suffering

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