Church school closes doors amid allegations of sexual activity between preschoolers

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  • alisha lutterll

    that is crazy! where was the teachers? and what has she seen at home is the questions. the mom should be questioned about this. keep us posted fox59 please! your #1 fan!!

  • kim

    Ugh, seriously? Something is not right at that little girls home. Someone taught her to do that. I hope this little one’s days of abuse are over now.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Single women are the worst enemy to their children when they run boyfriend after boyfriend through their lives and expose these mofos to their children. How many times have we seen children of single mothers abused, injured, or killed by worthless boyfriends, especially the ones that are allowed to be ALONE with children.

      Women! You all wanted the "right" to make choices and raise children on your own then fawking do it! Wait until your children are mature then carry on with your lives, party, drink, float from one guy to the next after that.

  • Heather

    So sad 😦 Thank goodness someone knows now and the little girl can get the help she so obviously needs. Poor poor baby.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Too many people look at children as property and not hapless and helpess human beings.

    I blame the abortion culture on this.

  • still living for GOD

    My heart goes out to all involved in this story…and I'm angry because the adults (ie..mother and father family failed) @ the previous comment made…I hear you with the single mother spin all to true, but it really does take a village, and a community to be involved even the best single mother needs help from time to time.

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