Evansville home from sitcom “Roseanne” up for sale

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An Evansville home filmed for the “Roseanne” sitcom is now for sale.

For just $129,000, viewers can own a piece of sitcom history.  The Runnymeade Avenue home boasts four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The 1,912 square foot home on was built in 1925 and served as the front of the Conner family home.

The sitcom about the working-class Illinois family ran for nine seasons. It ranked #30 on TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.


  • Roseanneismydrug

    FYI- this house was used as a still shot for the show. Inside floor plan used on the show won't match the actual floor plan in this house

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    The realtor needs to put in the listing that "no cast members entered the home" because some people may think that if Roseanne sat her fat, nasty azz down somewhere in the home including the toilet room, that it would be far less valuable.

    I know I would.

    I also could never get into that show and wondered how it lasted so long.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Actually it is "You're stupid", not "your stupid"

        The way you wrote that suggest possession as in "your stupid brain" that you have in your numbed skull.


    • RMBenPal

      ClanSmokeJaguar – you are mean and clearly have an issue with large people, shame on you for such a negative reply as well as your poor language. With the use of your poor langauge I am surprised you did not get into this show as it is considered base humor which your comment demonstrates a clear understanding of such.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >n issue with large people,

        On the contrary, I don't. In fact, I prefer a woman with a little girth on their bones.

        However…there is a difference between being large and being large and nasty.

        >you did not get into this show as it is considered base humor which your

        LMAO! Good one! That's actually pretty funny.

      • RMBenPal

        thank you – thank you very much – I thought you would like that – yes large but why do you think she is "nasty" – there are others out there like Honey Boo Boo's mom – which is way more disturbing

      • stillgypsi

        Come on now.. judgment is judgment. Let people live and be happy. Pay more attention to kindness, love, and other qualities and get over appearance. Not everyone in this world cares about what society says is pretty or if pretty is a criteria at all for being a good person .. some people are more crude than others and MOST are crude behind closed doors. We are CONDITIONED to act a certain way, to pretend we are who we truly are NOT. Both of these woman mentioned (Roseanne and June of Honey boo boo) are STRONG WOMEN, they both show ability to strongly love their families and mankind in general. Sarcasm can go a long way when one has to learn to laugh at their own flaws and 'lot in life'. Appearance is NOTHING. Its truly NOTHING. And 'nasty' is relative to the observer. Roseanne is in my opinion a genius, beautiful human being who was conditioned to be poor, uneducated, and by society's standards unsuccessful. Her belief in herself created her reality and changed her life. She has continued to grow through the years, becoming more balanced and healthy on all levels. She loves her children her family, feels passionate about issues that are close to her own heart and wishes to leave a peaceful life. I admire her would LOVE TO MEET HER and have inspired to take her point of view in life more often than not. Infact, I loved their entire tv family and would love to see the show go on forever.

  • K-anne

    Oh please people, b/c Roseanne is big she's "NASTY" she is hillarious & had the 1st sitcom that was close to how MOST Americans live in real life. Not all of us grew up in the typical sitcom world like on the Cosby Show, or Full House. Most of us grew up w/parents who worked there as$ off to make ends meet. Sorry but Roseanne is one of my FAV shows. Made White Trash funny!

      • K-anne

        Oh, I wouldnt say they were dysfunctional….. I mean, they all loved each other, none of them were druggies, alcoholics, & they didnt beat on each other. They were just loud, honest, & a lil WT. But hey there's a lil WT in most of us…. LOL! I LOVED that family, i dont care.! lol

    • chris

      I agree with the cosby, but the Full House was close. People losing a parent and have relatives move in with you is common. And not everyone was beaten as a child and had good homes.

      • K-anne

        Yeah but FUll House was so "perfect" & WELL OFF. I never knew anyone who lived in a house like that or who's father always had the perfect fatherly speach whenever you screwed up. And me n my brother never hugged it out & told each other how much we loved eachother after we had a fight …. lol… just saying Roseanne didnt make everything w/a fairytale ending.

  • chad

    Horrible person? really? Don't even be dogging Roseanne her show was more close to typical Americans than anything else on T.V since,and that's a fact .SAFETY GUY.

  • Cla

    I LOVE Roseanne & ALL you haters need to go hate somewhere else!!!!! Roseanne is SO freaking awesome she doesn't need your approval & she knows it. Go hate somewhere else. Don't even get me stated with UN-AMERICAN, with the way things are ran today!!!!! You might as well say Hilter has been reincarnated!!!!!!!!

    • Marsha

      Roseanne is one of my very favorite sitcoms..I still watch all the re-runs!! just wish the floor plan in the house for sale had the original floor plan of the rosanne show..that would be awesome to live in.

  • Curious

    Date Description Price Change $/sqft Source
    02/05/2013 Listing removed $129,000 — $79 emge Realtors
    01/15/2013 Listed for sale $129,000 4.0% $79 emge Realtors

  • Tina Bozile

    People say she's un-American because of when she sang the Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game, she spit and grabbed her crotch, and people got offended. Okay, let me enlighten you… she's not a singer, she's a comedienne. HELLO! That's her job! She was imitating baseball players… not disrespecting America, the flag, or the National Anthem! That's what ball players do; they spit and grab their crotches! Duh! She was being comical, because comedy is her vocation. If people weren't so ignorant, they would've known that! Roseanne is brilliant and hilarious! And she's more American than most of the sheeple out there! Get over yourselves, haters!

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