First responder radio transmissions show scope of I-70 accident

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The massive pile-up on Interstate 70 posed challenges almost as big as the accident itself for first responders.  The radio transmissions between dispatchers, firefighters and medics showed how frustrating it was for those responding to the scene.

The radio traffic showed that once they arrived, the medics faced a potential mass casualty situation. Many of the 10 victims were trapped in vehicles, but others were walking around the huge accident scene.

The scene proved so chaotic that first responders had to check and double check the area to make sure all the injured were getting treated. Finding all the victims amidst the twisted wreckage proved challenging when every second counted.

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  • don davis

    NO DOUBT… it was ALL THE CARS FAULT, wasn't it truckers???
    You guys weren't going too fast and following TOO CLOSE!

    WERE YA?????

    I'm a 25 year driver. I KNOW you turned a routine crash into a disaster.

    Don't slow down whatever you do. HAMMER DOWN, BIG RIGGERS!!! /cheer

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