Local electrician working inside Super Dome during blackout

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As the lights went out in New Orleans, it was right to work for Shane Conner and his team at local company ATEC, Inc.

“As soon as the power dropped, all of us just kind of looked at each other, and then we were off and running,” Conner said.

Conner’s team have been in New Orleans as contractors. They were in charge of installing and maintaining all of the extra phones needed during the Super Bowl. Conner said he got the job because of his work during last year’s Super Bowl here at home.

“Last year was by far the biggest event I’ve ever done. That gave me the experience to be (in New Orleans) and I believe our performance last year is why they wanted us down here this year,” Conner said.

Power company Entergy blamed the outage on a machine that monitors abnormalities in the system, then cuts down power to accomodate. It’s still unclear exactly what the abnormality was that caused the Super Dome blackout.

Conner wasn’t in charge of the stadium’s lights, but as an electrician, he thinks the outage could’ve been avoided.

“In the end, (their explanation) does make absolute sense. However, I believe proper planning could’ve decreased the likelihood of that ever happening,” Conner said.

The good news for Conner was that his backup generators kept the phones from going down during the outage. He’s been running into other Indiana businesses down in New Orleans, saying the Indianapolis Super Bowl success has driven success for small businesses like his as well.

“Indianapolis was definitely ready for the Super Bowl and that’s why it went (on) without a hiccup,” Conner said.


  • Bev

    Is Mr. Conner a Union Electrician? Hopefully he is. They receive the best schooling and training and you can be sure the job is done right!

  • Betta

    Give me a break. This implies New Orleans wasn't prepared, they were. The system did what it was supposed to do, I guess he would have preferred the lights stay on they have had an electrical fire? New Orleans has hosted more events than this guy will ever see in his lifetime and will continue to do so.

  • Campingguy

    There can be no excuse for such a failure at this type of event. Speculating that an electrical fire would have occurred is nonsense.

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