New partnership focuses on helping Hoosiers overcome homelessness

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INDIANAPOLIS– The city’s largest homeless shelter is partnering with the Indianapolis chapter of Back on My Feet to help people overcome homelessness.

Back on My Feet is a national organization that focuses on finding people jobs and homes as they emerge from homelessness. The program uses weekly running meetings as a way to help provide structure and support for people looking to start a new life.

“We use running to build self-sufficiency within the homeless population. Once the members have been in the program 30 days, we have job training, literacy training, job partnerships within the city and financial aid for our members,” said Lindsey Hein, communications director for Back on My Feet Indianapolis.

Fourteen men who are currently living at the Wheeler Mission became the newest members of Back on My Feet Monday morning. They started with one mile run downtown.

“When I got here, God gave me hope and through the organizations like Back on My Feet and the Wheeler Mission, they’ve been great, they’ve opened the doors for an opportunity I didn’t have when I was in my despair,” said Mike Boyd, who is currently living at the Wheeler Mission.

“A lot of these guys have been in isolation, in solitary situations in their lives for a long time, either in their addictions their homelessness, so being together as a team and having this confidence as a team is an amazing thing for these guys,” said Steve Kerr, chief development officer for Wheeler Mission.

Visit Back on my Feet’s website for more information.

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  • Angie

    @Fox59–Does this program help with running shoes or some kind of shoes for these people? Just wondering since most of them probable don't have any.

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