Silver Alert issued for 8-month-old girl missing from Indianapolis

Pregnant woman dies after being shot Sunday

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A 25-year-old pregnant woman has died after being shot and now, police are searching for her murderer.

Whitney Balsley was shot in the head inside a home in 1800 block of South Drexel Avenue shortly after 1 a.m. Sunday morning. Balsley’s  fiancée, 27-year-old Gary Rife was also hit in the head. Both were taken to Wishard Hospital in critical condition.

Friends tell Fox59 News that Balsley was 7 weeks pregnant.

“She was really looking forward to becoming a mom and it got taken away from her,” said friend Aimee Whiteman.

Sunday night, Balsley was taken off life support.

“That’s the only thing she ever wanted out of life was to have a baby and be happy with Gary and have a family. That’s the only thing she ever wanted,” said Rife’s lontime friend Dean Whiteman.

Whiteman and his wife, Aimee, want people with information or the person that pulled the trigger to call police.

“Please step up and do the right thing, please,” said Dean.

“If anybody knows anything, please I’m begging you, just call whoever you got to because we want closure for a life that was taken far too early,” said Aimee.

The Whitemans said that metro police believe the shooting was drug related. Police say four other people were in the home at the time of the shooting. Detectives continue to investigate, but no arrests have been made.

An autopsy was conducted on Monday, but the Marion County Coroner has not released any information.

Rife was treated and released from Wishard Hospital Monday afternoon.


      • Anonymous

        It was no Jerry springer gone wrong . && yu have no idea of what is going on so keep yur ignorant comments to yur self yu inconsiderant jerk !

  • "Thor"

    My condolences to her family and those invovled, BUT when you live in a dangerous lifestyle bad things go along with it. I'm so sorry this is the choice she made.

  • jenny

    From the looks of her fiance its no wonder something like this happened…yeah its tragic but don't put yourself in that situation. Gang banging lifestyle doesn't workout well for anyone.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Yup, I saw that story on the news last night and that boy looked like he didn't have two brain cells to rub together. Add in the gangland hat, gold teeth, you got a recipe for a body bag.

      Dean did crack me up though. He looked at the camera and said, "The pole lease said it was drug related" as if that was some new revelation for him.

      As I said before, death and injury are the occupational hazards of being a mindless thug.

      • Dakota Mykal Burgess

        i was a good friend of hers we even took her to go swimming so all of yall need to keep ur negative comments to ur self………

  • Proud_Momma_Of_3

    Everyone on here is cracking me up saying he was a gangbanger and all this other bs . He was nothing near that !! He loved Whitney and she loved him !! They just wanted to have their baby and be happy in life . Some of you people need to find God !!! RWL Whitney !! We love you !!

    • william

      Proud Momma I can certainly understand your position. But if they truly wanted that and it was indeed a priority at what point were they going to stop with the life style that ultimately took lives? Amazing how many people only find God after something terrible happens.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      PS, I find it ironic as I started to write this "Ice Cube"'s old song "Check Yo Self" just came on.

      "You betta check yow self before you wreck yow self"

  • martinstucky

    Hilarious, he was out of jail for less than two months. People just don't get shot in the head for no reason. Look for the drug connection every time. At least it was a head shot, in Morgan County they gut shoot you.

  • a friend

    She was a homewrecker. That baby wasn’t even garys and everybody knew that. They lived a lifestyle that led to many other deaths of overdose caused by drugs they pushed, mainly black tar heroin balloons. They both have ruined many lives and even more relationships.they turned teens into addicts.and mothers and fathers into junkies.Whitney’s gone because of Gary everybody knows that.

      • Kim

        I just think its really sad that people cant keep their negative comments to themselves, no matter anyones opinion on her or her ‘Lifestyle’ she’s still a human and was going to be a mother, I just wish ppl could see that and not make their own opinions….

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        On the surface I do agree drug pushers, dealers, and those involved in the trade do have a hand in ruining other's lives. But in the end, the choice to use drugs is a personal one and those who do so reap everything that comes with it.

        The same is for those who bask in the drug trade. They ask for everything that comes with it.

        Now, I don't know anything about her and her baby but the woman is kind of pretty. WTH she saw in that scrawny, petty dope dealer I'll never know.

    • Proud_Momma_Of_3

      Are you really serious right now ?? You are a no good piece of crap !! Why would you run someone's name in the dirt like that ?? And this actually didn't happen because of Gary . It was something to do with her . Regardless of what it is over two lives were lost . How do you know what kind of drugs it was ?? Was you a buyer of it ?? I hope you rot in hell !!!

      • wtf

        just like the othe said garys yuck mouth needs to man up.he is a no good dope fean waiting for another fix.or waiting to set up another hit.everyone knows whats up with those two p.o.s. they was pushers who got what they deserved.if only gary would had cared about whit then none of this would have ever F U hooker.

  • angela bath

    every one needs to just get quite and let the famliy deal with the loss of their love ones prays are here for u guys all the way from kentucky

  • Melissa Farmer

    i knew whitney & her family. i do hope none of you negative people ever have to go through anything like this.may God be with all of you.

  • Christian P.

    Who ever is putting negative thoughts and comments on here otta stop and keep your positive thoughts and prayers with what happened to this family. right now this family is going throught a lot settling with this issue. Whitney had her whole life ahead of her having this child with being with Gary and living a happy life and having a wonderful family but all that was taken from her way to soon. i feel sorry for what is happening with what Whitney's freinds and family is going through.None of them should be going through this right now. Whitney's life was taken away from her just way to early. And her being only 7 weeks pregnant. Yea what if that happened to someone in your family how would you feel?

  • Proud_Momma_Of_3

    I still can't believe all of these people posting negative comments !! What is wrong with you people . So what if Gary just did a few months in prison ? Everyone has their problems and he was trying to better himself for Whitney and the baby ! I really feel for you people if you every have to go through any of what we are having to go thru !! I hope one day you all find God and he gives you mercy !!

  • this one

    — Everyone has their problems and he was trying to better himself for Whitney and the baby !-

    not likely.

    • Proud_Momma_Of_3

      What the hell do you know ??? I know him very well . And I knew her very well . So go on some where !!!

  • angela bath

    i know this hurts to hear but look whitney and her baby is in a better place RIP BABY GIRL FOREVERY LOVED

  • HowYouLikeMe Now

    No one is perfect … Everyone has skeltons in their closet! With that being said NO ONE should be judging Whitney, especially when you do not know everything she's been through in your young life. RIH Whitney & baby!!!!!!! At the same time – Gary, his family & his friends need to own exactly what he is! Another worthless convict junkie that has been putting Whitney in the line of fire for a long time … Now to be an even bigger coward & run into hiding after your "finance" & baby were killed instead of opening that yuck mouth of yours & telling who did this. He knows who he robbed, who sprayed bullets in retaliation! One day KARMA will catch you Gary Rife & I hope you get EVERYTHING you deserve –

    • Family Friend

      Who the f*ck are you to be calling Gary any kind of name ? HE DID NOT ROB ANYONE !!! Maybe you should get your story straight !! Or "whoever" told you all that bullsh*t !! People like you make me sick ! One day you are going to have to face Jesus !

  • friend of whitney

    Whitney was really an awesome person with the biggest heart. Who the hell are u people to judge her for loving gary!!! You cant make your heart feel something different. And just because they were into doing wut they did, doesnt mean she deserved to be shot. I truly feel sorry for Gary because he did and does love that girl!!!! Regardless of the reason, gary didnt pull the trigger!! He will have a heavy heart for the rest of his life, cause im sure he feels he is the blame 😦 rest in heaven baby girl, im so sorry i wasnt home when u came by not to long ago, love ya!

  • you know

    gary is a low life and a sb yes he did rob somebody with a gun and was shot in the but read the news if you know how to read i hope he burns iin hell for what he did to whitney and the babyif he wasnt selling drugs this wouldnt happen and yes his family knew all about it i hope he can sleep at night if his familycare they would have try to stop this

    • Family Friend

      No dumb*ss someone tried to rob him thats why he got shot in the butt !! Lmao learn facts before you try to speak on something you don't have no clue about !!!

  • HowYouLikeMeNow

    You do NOT treat someone you love like he treated Whitney … You do NOT put someone you love in harms way like he did Whitney time & time again! IF Gary really loved & cared about Whitney & her unborn baby and has been trying to do right by them they WHY is the shooter not in jail? Like I said Gary knows who he robbed.
    I hope he does blame himself, he should! And I hope guilt eats him alive day in & day out.

  • lanette

    Because when I took my mom to get her things she came out running her mouth next time I am.gonna beat the breaks off her ..j/s she knows way to.much and probably more then we no.she has no heart …she reckless as the people who done it ..nobody is perfect ..she was really worried about drugs …r.w.l Whitney hope justice gets served!

    • scearee

      bring it on miss know it all i dont live across te street but if i did i would have call the cops on garya long time ago if i were you i watch i say about beating the breaks off her when she wasnt the that say it. and she have a right to worry about drugs

    • SISSY


    • my mom's son

      you want to mess whith a 72 year old women how about you mess with her 40 year old son .if anything happens at my mom's we know who made thearts and we know how has done .

  • lanette

    Well stop being a coward and say ur dymn name I ain’t gotta watch what I say ..she only worried because drugs run threw her crib ….but if the shoe fits where it cause u sure do no alot ..j/s …u running ur mouth way to much …..and even if this is a drug deal gone bad..
    Them cowards where heart less why not find him in the St instead of trying to kill innocent people and killed one innocent pregnant women …u are just as heartless as them.dope fenes …

    • wtf

      yes she did and she did all of them up and spent all garys money y u think he beat the sh*t out of her and she went into hiding when he got out of jail

  • Family Friend

    I really wish people would just stop the bashing of both Gary and Whitney ! It's getting out of hand !! If they wouldn't have done this and IF they wouldn't have done that . Everyone has their problems and faults . To each they own . None of you people are God so don't judge anyone ! Thanks and have a great f*cking day !!

  • anonymous

    I enjoy reading alot of this stuff. It shows how many immature people live in Indiana. It doesn’t matter what they bought or sold or even who they robbed. It’s over there’s no way to change what’s already happened. I’m so glad that there are so many perfect people in Indiana who have never done anything wrong in their life. People make mistakes but what happened is not hardly a proper punishment. I hope this doesn’t happen to one of your family members because if it did you would get the privilege to read this kind of stuff online whether its true or not.

  • lanette

    I agree people need to stop. She didn’t deserve that ..I pray for theses dumb people THEY NEED JESUS “! R.w.l Whitney ..and ur unborn child ..people will regret what they say when something bad happens to there family …

  • michelle

    This is a shame that we can’t morn for our family member. Everyonrs actions has that not what the issues have been about?so practice what u in peace my angels.

  • family of his

    How about we find out how to change instead of worry about what they did or didn’t do.It seems like you people are standing by the murders instead of standing by the victims.That’s a change. “Please make a change” Everyone is making this about who is right or wrong.That does not matter.What matters is we come together and make a change that goes for everyone. ” PLEASE”

  • lanette

    U heartless & reckless people just need to leave all are family and friends alone and if ur 72 shouldn’t you be doing something better then theses negative comments …r.w.l ..Whitney ..u are a beautiful angel watching over us all …

  • yolo

    So whats the truth to all these rumors.:
    1.Gary robbed someone for 600 dollars worth of heroin?
    2.Whitney wasnt pregnant with garys baby because she was escorting for drug money while g was in jail?
    3.whitney was on the porch and was shot while gary ran inside like a little bia?
    4.Did gary shoot whitney while trying to fire back?
    5. was it A gold buick that did the drive by?
    6.Does gary really know who did it?
    7. Is gary in hiding like the coward his?

    facts i know because i did know them very well and seen their everyday life style

    1.yes gary and whitney did push black tar,white boy,roxies,opanas,vikes,perks,weed,etc any and everything.
    2.yes whitney did sleep with many men for drugs
    3.yes they did sell to many pregnant woman.
    4.yes they did rob people for lots of money. gary wasnt turning his life around,it was really getting worse
    6.yes gary did whoop on whitney
    7.yes whitney did turn gary in when he was busted at the marathon. whitney wasnt pregnant by gary

    • meandmyown

      if you Know all this wont you tell the cops. Let them investigate where Whitney was when she was shot.

  • mandy

    I know Gary and he is a good guy and loved her very much…so everybody needs to leave him alone damn he knows all the wrong shit he has to live with that… Whitney was a good girl I feel for there family's….. I hope you all have bad karma for all the shit you guys have said.. and go to hell

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