Reverse commute route changes piece in bigger transit puzzle

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After about nine months in service, the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA) decided to change the routes on its reverse commute shuttles to Fishers and Carmel, effective Monday.

The shuttles connect traditional commuters and reverse commuters with stops at high-employment areas in the suburbs with Indy Express Bus and IndyGo service.

“In the short term, we’re doing everything we can to meet the need that’s out there, but unfortunately there’s far more need than we can put service on the street,” said CIRTA’s Ehren Bingaman. “So let’s be nimble, let’s be efficient, let’s try to provide as much service as we can with the limited resources that we have.”

Bingaman said the long-term solution is currently being debated as the IndyConnect plan in House Bill 1011, which passed the House Roads and Transportation Committee by an overwhelming vote last week.

IndyConnect would create five rapid transit, light rail lines, double bus service and create more frequent stops, if it is passed by the legislature and in a 2014 referendum, Bingaman said.

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