Court document: Man admits to using pronged fork, knife to kill mom and half-sister

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A White County man arrested in connection with the stabbing deaths of his mother and 6-year-old half-sister used a pronged fork and knife to kill the victims, stated court documents.

According to the probable cause affidavit, 20-year-old David Scott Rodenbarger had blood-stained hands and clothing when police arrived to the Monticello, Ind. home in the early morning hours of Feb. 2.

Police said Rodenbarger’s mother, 41-year-old Michelle Haskins, called 911 before she died from her injuries.  Her daughter, 6-year-old Jillian Haskins, was transported to White County Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced deceased.

Rodenbarger was arrested and transported to the White County Jail.  During an interview with police, Rodenbarger admitted to killing his mother and half-sister, using a two-pronged fork and knife.  Police said those items were located in the residence near the victims.

An autopsy revealed Michelle Haskins died due to a wound to her throat, and Jillian Haskins died to multiple stab wounds and swelling of the brain from blunt force trauma to the head.

“We’re trying to put together why anybody would commit such a heinous crime,” White Co. prosecutor Bob Guy said.

At this time, a motive is not known. Guy said investigators continued to interview friends and family to try and determine what led to the murders.

“It’s difficult, I raised two daughters in this community. When you see a young girl whose life is taken so tragically at such a young age, it has an effect on anybody,” Guy said.

Family members gathered at Rodenbarger’s hearing, some of them telling him they loved him. Rodenbarger replied, “I love you too.” At times, Rodenbarger appeared confused, answering several times “yes” or “no” when asked if he’d like an attorney to be appointed to him. Eventually, the court did appoint one.

Members of the family told Fox 59 they were still mourning and not ready to talk about what happened. Other community members showed up at the hearing to lend their support.

“The blessings from Monticello, I believe, go out to (the family) and I’m sorry to hear (about) the loss. … I hope we all recover from this because this is a terrible day,” resident Tim Harper said.

Rodenbarger faces two charges of murder. He’s being held without bond.

Prosecutors could pursue the death penalty, but say it’s too early to make that decision.

Monticello victims

Jillian Haskins, 6, and Shelly Haskins, 41.


  • John Browning

    There will always be evil and deranged people in this world. Obviously the tools accessible to them doesn't matter.

  • Anonymous

    I hope someone uses a pronged fork on him in prison. No that would be to easy.Just torture him to death and let him have flashe backs of his mother and sister as he is dying.

  • anonymous

    how aweful to judge him like that. yes what he did was horrible but you have no idea what happened. mental illness is real andi feel sad for all involved. his mom & sister didnt deserve that no but he is still a human being and i pray he gets the help he needs!

  • Dawn Overman

    He was diagnosed 4 months ago with multiple personalities and Paranoid Schizophrenia his mother took him to Wabash Valley Hospital the week before the killings and they would not admit him. He was under a Doctors care

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