Fishers Police investigating string of car break-ins

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The Fishers Police Department is warning homeowners to lock their cars or park them in a garage after a string of car break-ins and thefts this week.

Police report several vehicles were broken into in the Timber Springs, Burberry Place and Sunblest neighborhoods during the overnight hours of Feb. 4.

Anjelica Menossi said she woke up Monday morning to find out her Chrysler Pacifica parked outside her Madden Street home was gone and her husband’s car had been broken into.

“I went to bed around midnight after the Super Bowl and it was 7 o’clock in the morning right before I was about to take my son to school when we got the phone call,” Menossi recalled. “They had pulled down both windows and climbed in and in that time they stole some of the stuff out of the car and my husband kept my spare key in his car even though it was locked, so they then saw an opportunity and took off with my car.”

Besides losing her SUV, thieves stole her Christmas gifts, bank statements and even her husband’s military gear.

“It was a little alarming,” she said.

Fishers Police do not have any suspects yet, but believe all the incidents could be related.

“It is possible that there are multiple suspects working as a group in this area,” said Officer Tom Weger.

He said a Jeep stolen from the Timber Springs neighborhood had been recovered, but Menossi’s Pacifica was still missing.

He also warned homeowners to park their vehicles inside their garages. For those who couldn’t, he said they should remove all valuables from inside their car and keep all the doors locked. The police department also suggested installing a security system in the vehicle and parking the car in a well lit area.

“These guys, if they know what they’re doing, will completely disembody the car and sell it off for parts,” said Menossi.

She told Fox59 she couldn’t park her car in her garage, because it’s finished as a play room. She hopes her neighborhood will add street lamps to deter any more criminals.

“You just don’t expect it, but things apparently can happen anywhere,” said Menossi.

Although she feels violated, she said she is grateful the thieves didn’t come into her home.

“At least it wasn’t my home. That’s just what I keep saying. At least my kids were safe. It wasn’t my home.”


      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        lol! Amen Shaun.

        Typically these type of car break-ins involve people who do not travel far from their neighborhoods.

        In fact, it's probably Brad's children doing it.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >and my husband kept my spare key in his car even though it was locked

    That's just stupid.

    Thieves like this would be more discouraged if people simply locked their doors and took their valuable s### out.

    It's just that simple.

    Like "Sarge" said in the movie "Full Metal Jacket" when a private left his bunker box unlocked, "If it wasn't for #!@! like you, there would be no thieves"

    • Don

      Yeah lock the doors, you go man you go. Lock the door so they can smash the windows to steal you rstuff anyway and you can buy a new window… Fool

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        Just to be sure I understand this, you're saying don't bother to lock your doors? Are you also saying it's okay to leave valuables in the car?

        You're not very bright are you? I'll bet your finances are a mess.

  • Anonymous

    It's February ! Who keeps Xmas gifts in their car and bank statements ?? Hello people be smarter with where you keep your belongings ! Seriously !!

  • Don

    The police will do nothing.. Get this right.. NOTHING. My home was invaded and robbed, they did nothing. My cars are invaded and robbed on a regular bases and they do nothing. I have the perpitrator on video, the police didnt even take the video or do anything beyond hand me a green report number card. NOTHING

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