District calls duct taping child with special needs “appalling” as investigation continues

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The employees who were involved in duct taping the legs of a young girl with special needs have been placed on leave, said the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township.

For the first time, we have a first-hand account of what happened, according to Shaylin. She told her parents that “they duct taped my feet, they pushed me in a wheelchair to the bus.”  Shaylin then told them, “it hurt, no more duct tape.”

Shaylin still had the bruises two days after the incident.

“She has been running around the house for days saying, ‘No duct tape.  You do not touch,'” said Nate Searcy, Shaylin’s father.

“It is something we find appalling and it’s something we are dealing with,” said Mary Lang from the MSD of Wayne Township.

The punishment is not enough for Shaylin’s father.

“I do not think they should be home with pay, I think they should be done working for schools, period,” said Nate Searcy.

Why would there be any reason to have duct tape inside a classroom, inside a school?

“That is a very good question,” said Lang.  “That is something we would never think would be used especially when it comes to anything dealing with a child. So that is a question that is part of the investigation.”

“That just makes me wonder what else they are doing or have done that we do not know about?  Are they taping them to chairs?,” said Searcy.

The school said it will continue its investigation to find out exactly what happened, and why.

“What happened here was an aberration,” said Lang.  “It is something we certainly do not condone.”

Nate Searcy said he was putting Shaylin and her older brother into a different school while his family tries to get back to a nornal life.

“It is going to be a lot of work and a lot of hassle, aggravation,” said Searcy.  “It is something that we just have to keep working through.”


    • anonymous

      this is ridiculous. it looks like all they did was tape her shoelaces from being untied. everyone is making way too big of a deal about this. ridiculous!!!

      • Brandi

        if only it was that simple huh….hmm if it was, then why are there BRUISES on her ankles? It obviously wasn't THAT simple. Simple minded ppl downplay these kind of things UNTIL…it happens to them, or THEIR family, then it's a HUGE deal. I hope nothing like this happens to you, or your family since you think it's no big deal.

      • rodgers4nflmvp

        anonymous since your not man enough to post this garbage with a real name you wish to hide behind your comments. If you ever did something like that to my daughter the only thing you should worry about is how your going to pay for your medical bills

      • April

        You obviously are not a parent. Like myself I am a mother of 4 and and 2 step kids as well. If anyone was to ever try this on any of my kids I wouldnt stop until every single person involved had their teaching degress pulled and sitting in jail. No body messes with kids period especially a one with special needs it takes more time and love and patience to deal with one that has special needs. I know from experience. If they couldn't handle the child then they have no place being in the education field.

  • charles

    it is just wrong as to what this child went threw the people did this should be in jail duct taped to the bed in their cell

  • Cathy

    They are investigating what happened? NOT, they knew after talking with the ones involved for 5 minutes what had happened. They are just pondering what to say and not say, and trying to get a defense plan in place. What a disgusting thing for this little girl to go threw.

  • Southsider2013

    I have a question. Why have legislators not changed the law requiring the schools to be accountable? They investigate their own crimes here? I'm from another state and if something like this happened the police would investigate – not the school. We have a child with autism and he comes home with bruises and has been attacked on school property. We called the police and were told they have no power and the school must handle it first. What?!? I want a law enforcement officer to investigate crimes, not someone with a degree in education. Fox, can you find out why the school makes their own laws? I understand they might take action by expelling students, but I think bullying would also stop in the schools if there were more serious consequences. And who keeps the schools accountable when things like this happen? The obvious is staring everyone in the face, let's unite to make changes that will make our schools safer.

  • MeatPlow

    Did they duct tape the shoe laces? or did they restrain her and take her to the bus in a wheelchair? Get some real facts/sources otherwise the commentary on this situation is fubar.

  • Diana Mowbray

    When you have a special needs child in school, always pop in unannounced different times of the day. That way they never know when you are coming and the won't dare abuse your precious children!

  • Real American

    I think that you shouldn't duct tape any child, that being said, this is not that serious for all the hullabaloo being made of it! I think the parents are after the "American Dream" a cash settlement!

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