Multi-vehicle I-70 crash to be split into two investigations

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Last week’s Interstate 70 crash that resulted in the death of a man will be separated into two investigations.

ISP Public Information Officer Sgt. Richard Myers said it will be divided into an eastbound and westbound investigation because the crash was so large.

On Thurs., Jan. 31, 40 cars and semi trucks crashed into each other on the highway in Hendricks County. Some people had to be rescued. Harkirat Sohal, 25, who is from Canada, died. He was in a sleeper when the crash happened.

On Wed. afternoon, almost a week since the crash, ISP investigators met to review the investigation. Sgt. Myers said investigators collected what they needed that day.

“It’s not like a regular crash and we go out and work and diagram (and) see down the road and take measurements. You couldn’t even see to the other end of the crash scene,” Sgt. Myers said.

Sgt. Myers said they are analyzing aerial photographers taken at the scene on Thursday. They are making sure to match-up people’s cars with who was inside, where the car was originally and where it landed. Sgt. Myers said the snowy weather contributed to the size of the crash.

“A snow squall could be a contributing factor, but it’s always the responsibility of the driver to be in control of their vehicle and that’s all that (it) mainly is going to come down to,” Sgt. Myers said.

The last time there was an investigation of this magnitude was several years ago.  Along Interstate 69, a total of 30 cars were involved in a crash. Three people were killed in that accident.

Like any investigation, Sgt. Myers said they will look at everything.

“We don’t want to place blame on anybody or anything at this time of day. We’re not going to until the investigation (has been) complete(d). Then, they’ll see which way they want to point the investigation, what maybe started it,” Sgt. Myers said.

Their investigation could be completed by the end of the week. It will then be turned over to the prosecutor’s office.

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