State police say Owen Valley High School bomb threat was a hoax

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Indiana State Police are investigating after a bomb threat hoax was made to Owen Valley High School in Spencer, Ind. Wednesday morning.

Indiana State Police, the Spencer Police Department, the Owen County Sheriff’s Department and the bomb squad reported to the school and conducted a sweep of the building.

Police said the school was placed on lockdown and students were evacuated and temporarily transported to other area schools for safety for about an hour.  Once the lockdown was lifted, the students were allowed to return to their school.

Authorities said nothing was found during the sweep of the school and no arrests were made.


  • Jeri

    I had to pick up my daughter from the middle school because she was too scared to stay. Not to mentioned how worried and scared I have been.

    • Jen

      If i was a student there, i would tell you i was too scared to stay as well…. = day home from school!!! sorry but you have just been suckered by your ever so cleaver teenager!! the school is on high alert. kids are safe!!

  • Beth

    I didn't even know until a friend just told me "it was a hoax". I had to ask what was! I am SOOOO sick of this stuff happening.

  • Rambo

    I am a student at this high school. Yes we are all upset that it happened, but we need to move on. It was just a hoax and people need to let it go. Yeah I want to go home after what happened, but I trust my schools staff to keep us safe and make sure we are all safe after this threat. The school handled it very well and even though this happened, I’m proud to say I go to Owen Valley. This was a first for us so we are all still learning how to do this and handle the situation.

  • Anonymous

    I'm one of the students that go to Owen valley for me it was panicky but also pretty tiring we had to sit on our bus for about half an hour before letting us go it to the building we were staying at we were all pretty cramped as we waited for the ok to go back to school but in the end everything was fine but most of the students were pulled out of school taken by worried parents so we went on our normal schedual

  • Anonymous

    I'm also a student it was pretty scary for me I didn't know exactly what was going on or what was going to happen we stayed on the bus for a long time. Me and me friends were nervous but I knew it wasn't going to be real but we were still scared. I was asleep on my bus and when I woke up we were at an elementary school and they said it was ok.


    Most bomb threats are a hoax, but since I've been at places who've received threats, I'm glad they do evacuate & investigate. First time they don't take it seriously, KABOOM!

  • vickie michaels

    I am a parent and I believe the situation was handled very poorly. There is a central alarm phone system and it was not used to update students and parents. We had to rely on student texts and Fox 59 to know what was happening. I heard that some busses dropped kids off at McDonalds and local gas stations…. when are we going to stop being surprised by events like this and become prepared? Luckily today was just a prank, but what happens the next time it isn't?

  • Guest

    I think it is sad that some don't have anything better to do with their time than to cook up something like this!

  • Guest

    I am one of many students that go to Owen Valley. I think that today wasn't handled right. I received multiple text messages from my friends saying stuff like "omg whats goin on at the school?" and like :did you hear our school is on lock down!" Where was our call from the school system telling us to stay home until further notice!? Yes, luckily that today was just a prank, but like someone has said what if next time isn't; then what are we gonna do? Also, I thought it was crazy how buses were taking kids to gas stations and local town restaurants and was told to call their parents from what some of my friends were telling me. I just wish that maybe in the future that the schools should add bomb threat procedures and how we should react and know what to do in case of an emergency. Like once a month we have a tornado and fire drill and sometimes maybe every other month we have lock down and sometimes a earthquake drills. What I'm trying to say is that we should have more practice on these drills since they've become really active now.

  • Luna

    Actually, it was handled well in my opinion. They cannot obviously enlighten too many online because if it was an actual serious situation, the people involved could have been watching. The children were never in danger.

  • Beth

    I am a mother of two students..and my child didn't want to stay after the bomb I went to pick her up and was informed both my children will have a unexcused because we took them home…I think that is terrible!!!

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