Parents: Son forced to eat school lunch out of trash

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The parents of a 7-year-old boy are angry after they say a teacher at his school forced him to eat his lunch out of a garbage can.

Renee Medrano says she was forced to pull her son Armando out of his second-grade class at Orange Fletcher Elementary School.

She says that a teacher there — who was actually Armando’s kindergarten teacher — forced her son to eat his food out of a garbage can.


  • John

    Did anyone ask why his lunch was in the trash? Did he throw a tantrum and toss it there? Alot of these stories seem one sided. I understand it isn't right for a child to eat their lunch out of the trash, but why was it there in the first place?

  • Michelle

    why does it matter why the hell it was there??? The damn teacher made him eat it thats so wrong on a NUMBER of levels….COMPLETELY uncalled fore…

  • RWL

    I doubt that there were maggots or flies or anything that touched this poor little angles food that would have hurt him.

    What we have is a bunch of Jerry Springer want to be s looking for their 15 minutes, and the news outlets are willing to give it to them.

    • MisC

      Jerry Springer is fun 🙂 Been there done that– ppl only go on jerry springer bc its a mini vaca everything paid and they pay you before you leave– its pretty fun really lol — and if it were my child someone would be hearing about it too– not the news but the school– this really didn't need to make any headlines!! if he didn't eat it anyway– && didn't want it in the first place whats the problem for it to be on our news coming from Cali, right?

  • theBatman the end he still just threw it away…did you even read the article, fox?
    Why am I getting TRIVIAL news about Orange Cty, California to the Indianapolis, IN news?
    Damn it, fox, I thought you were better than this.

  • theBatman

    I remember pouring way too much ketchup on my plate, when I was in grade school, and the lunch lady told me to stay until I ate it all.. she didn't force me at gunpoint or anything.. but I could have died.. death by ketchup..

  • martinstucky

    Funny how teachers have the time to post comments on this board when school is in session. Shouldn't you be teaching children right now?

  • LMoore

    Regardless of whether he threw it away or not he's a child not a dog, I mean come on the teacher is still in the wrong and should be punished for her actions she is the adult here.

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