Former Riley patient again donates more than $10K to foundation

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A former Riley Hospital patient gave a check of more than $10,000 to the hospital’s foundation Thursday.

Abigail Johnson raised $10,187.20 by selling her holiday CD, Smile and Believe Volume 2. This isn’t the first time the fourth-grader has recorded a CD to benefit the Riley Children’s Foundation. In 2011, she sold Smile and Believe Volume 1.

In all, Abigail has raised more than $20,000 for the foundation.

Abigail was inspired by a Maddy Justice, a Franklin Township teen who is fighting a battle with cancer.  Abigail dedicated her CD to Maddy and will continue to fight with her.

Abigail became a Riley Kid in 2003 when the world-class medical staff at Riley Hospital for Children performed emergency, life-saving surgery when she was an infant.


  • Devan

    With all the depressing news of school issues on the page today, this is refreshing! Your acts bring hope for the future, sweet girl! God Bless you!!

  • Nathan Day

    Both young ladies, Abigail and Maddy, are truly an inspiration to anyone who has had a chance to meet them and/or hear their stories. In their young lives, they have turned more obstacles to opportunities and shed more rays of hope for those that see hours of darkness than many can ever imagine. Angels on earth to put it simply.

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