IMPD officer found guilty of robbery, official misconduct

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An IMPD officer has been found guilty of robbery and official misconduct.

A jury found 53-year-old David Butler guilty on two counts of robbery and two counts of official misconduct after about four hours of deliberations. He was found not guilty on another count of robbery and another count of misconduct.

According to the original probable cause affidavit, Officer Butler was accused of targeting Hispanic men. Butler told pulled drivers over and asked them to step out of the car while he searched their vehicle. After the searches, the men said thousands of dollars of cash was missing from their wallets.

“In one of the traffic stops that occurred at the Marathon gas station with Mr. (Emiliano) Vasquez. The defendant said that he started to go through the car, but he didn’t want to go all the way through the car, because the car was dirty. Well, actually, he was dirty. He was a dirty cop,” said prosecutor Anne Harrigan. “The defendant was targeting a particular group of individuals – that being illegal aliens -and robbing them when they were pulled over by him.”

A separate jury had not been able to reach a verdict previously.

Police Chief Rick Hite released the following statement Thursday:

“Officer Butler does not represent nor is he indicative of all the hard working men and women of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, we work within and most importantly respect our judicial system and the jury has spoken.”

Butler will be sentenced Feb. 22. He could face up to 16 years behind bars.


    • joe-joe2

      Nothing……….just trying to relieve the illegals of their money. Why weren't the "victims" arrested and deported?
      Tis common knowledge that they choose NOT to use banks because they don't want to get caught. They pay everything with cash so there is no paper-trail. Then they suck down all of legitimate citizen's resources……..including health care.We are the victims here, not the illegals.

      They probably had thousands in their wallets because they'd just gotten their illegal tax refunds for scores of children they don't even have. What a screwed up system.

  • Huh

    No way not impd they protect and serve. I’ve never heard such blasphemy. They would never lie, cheat, steal, or kill unlawfully. This must be a dream or at least someone’s confused. Wow I just had to be a smart a$$. Impd is nothing greater than corruption.

  • melissa

    That is exactly why I.have no respect for cops these days. They think they are above the law speeding around driving dangerously through our neighborhood streets endangering those they’ve sworn to serve and protect. They act so high and mighty, condescending, and rude. Makes me sick.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Well, if you get into trouble and need a law enforcement officer, don't call 911. Or maybe call 911 and say, "Hello? There's a maniac breaking down my door and he's armed. I don't trust cops so send a Priest or a Rabbi or the current custodian on duty"

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >particular group of individuals – that being illegal aliens -and robbing them

    Were the victims reported to INS?

    Oh that's right. 0bama wants them to be citizens now.

  • news feed

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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