Wayne Twp. to eliminate 60 positions, reduce bus routes

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Budget problems are behind big changes for parents and teachers in Wayne Township

The school district is receiving less revenue from property taxes and must now fill an almost $12 million budget deficit.

The school is eliminating 60 positions but said they are doing their best to avoid layoffs through retirements, attrition and moving positions around.

They are also reducing 20 bus routes and that will impact many families.

“That will change some of our start and finish times, however, our elementaries will not be on the same schedule anymore, by the same token, we’ll have four elementaries that will have an additional 30 minutes of instructional time each day,” said Dr. Jeff Butts, Superintendent

The district said they also plan to cut some programs.


  • Guest

    You all sure do like to report about Wayne Township.
    Do you think Wayne Township is the only district that has budget issues.

  • "Thor"

    The schools have the same problem as the Federal government, it's not budget issues it's spending issues, but the low-informed will never see it.

  • jerry

    Well half of the budget could be in a 5.5 million dollor fire station renovation….. The old one seemed fine fires are eleswhere not there it just seems over the top

    • Daniel Jackson

      Surely you realize that the school district does not fall under the same budget as the fire department? The school district does own the training center, but not the fire station. Geez.

    • Guest

      Do you have a job? If so, I hope you appreciate any renovations they have done through the years. The fire house was long over due for renovations. That was a grocery store long before your time, best days were long gone.

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