Abandoned dog found with gunshot wounds will get a new home

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A dog that was found suffering from two gunshot wounds and left for dead in Westfield, Ind. will get a new home!

Humane Society officials said the American bulldog, who rescuers named Cupid, is currently staying with a foster family, but another family is in the process of making him a permanent part of their household.

Cupid was discovered after he followed a little boy home from school and collapsed on the porch.  The dog was taken to an animal hospital in Fishers, where veterinarians determined he had been shot twice in the stomach with a small caliber handgun.

Both of the bullets were successfully removed, and officials said Cupid is expected to make a full recovery.

Authorities continue to investigate this case and are searching for the dog’s previous owner.  If you have any information, please contact Westfield police at 317-804-3200.


  • Lawrence

    Finally, a good story on this site!

    I have one of these dogs, and she is the most lovable pet I've ever owned. But, she doesn't do well with other dogs, or I'd have already adopted this other poor abused dog.

    I hope Cupid gets to live the rest of his life in a home where he is spoiled rotten ! Kudos to the Hamilton County Humane Society, which is often in the news trying to find homes for these animals. Sadly, Hamilton County seems to be the only one.

  • ashley

    I am glad that he made it threw all that he has been threw. To be shot and God brought him threw is just a blessing. Not all dogs are bad its the person whom owns them that makes them like that. It's nice to know that he is getting to go to a good home and live a good life.

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