FBI warns of ransomware extorting money from innocent victims

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning about a scam telling victims to pay a fine for possessing child pornography even though they haven’t viewed any child pornography.

The ransomware uses the name of the Internet Crime Complaint Center and launches an alert on the desktop. The alert says the user must pay a fine or the police will be sent to their home.

Even if the victim pays a fine, the ransomware remains in the computer and is used to commit online banking and credit card fraud.

The Internet Crime Complain Center is a government agency that works in partnership with the FBI, but is not behind this notice.

If the notice pops up on your computer:

  • File a complaint at www.IC3.gov.
  • Keep operating systems and legitimate antivirus and antispyware software updated.
  • Contact a reputable computer expert to assist with removing the malware.

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  • Duane

    Honestly, common sense tells you from previous articles on TV & in the news, there is no "FINE" for child pornography. They just come in with a warrant & take your PC & arrest you. I had a guy awhile back calling me, with an Indian accent, claiming I was in trouble with the FBI. Now, he claimed for "X" number of $$, he could make these problems with the FBI "go away" for me. If not, I was on my own. I told him to send them to bust me. I'd take my chances in court. I'm still waiting for the door to be knocked down. LOL!!

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