Student hospitalized after brawl at Arsenal Tech High School

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One student was rushed to the hospital after an incident that forced a partial lockdown at Arsenal Technical High School Friday.

Students said things escalated fast. It first started as a food fight in the cafeteria, then sparked another fight, which forced police to use pepper spray to break up the students.

Some said they’re scared to go to back to school. Parents are demanding school leaders to make changes at how to handle the issue.

“It occurs all the time,” said Guadalupe Wallace, who pulled her two daughters out from school after the brawl. “My children don’t eat breakfast here because of that.”

“The cops just started spraying just everywhere,” said Gloria Wallace, a freshman at Arsenal Tech. “My friend and I got hit by the spray.”

Gloria said her throat is still burning from breathing the pepper spray police had to use to stop the fights. The school was put on lockdown for the first two periods of the day.

“There’s too much fighting going on at Tech,” said Audrie Wallace, Gloria’s sister. “They use mace a lot. They use it a whole lot to break up fights, to clear people out and get them to class. They use it and threaten kids with it.”

One freshman told Fox59 he doesn’t want to come back to school. He was caught in the middle of the fight and busted his lip.

“It’s too much. It’s just too much. I can’t do this no more,” he said. “Everybody was fighting. It was just like a riot pretty much.”

“This is a school and this is where learning occurs. This activity is absolutely, positively, not going to be tolerated,” said John Aldhardt, IPS Spokesman. “I’m not going to question the decisions police make at the time. Our first priority is to make sure our students are safe and that we have a safe campus.”

It’s enough violence for on family to say the fighting needs to stop.

“I don’t know what the answer is but something needs to be changed,” said Guadalupe.

IPS said the six students who started the fight will face disciplinary action.


  • parent

    I have 2 girls that goes to TECH, Tech is NOT a Bad School!!! The Teachers and Staff are wonderful there, It makes me mad that people what to sit and say its because its an IPS School, That has nothing to do with it! If U all are going to say stuff about TECH or IPS schools u need to look at the other schools like Lawrence North they was just on the news the other day due to kids spraying pepper spray in the hall ways, Washington Township also has its problems, I know when I went to North Central it was not Prefect!
    Yes there has been fights there in the past but I think some of this is due to Dr. White losing the schools to Charter USA, so all those kids that did not what to stay that those schools came to TECH, now there is more kids then teachers and cops, U also can not blame ALL parents, Yes Im sure there is some parents that dont care about there kids but NOT all them!!! Yes I feel safe with my kids there! We have never had any Big problems there and they will get the kids out that whats to causes problems and that dont want to learn…

    • Mrs. Wallace

      I agree Tech was a good school, if it wasn't I wouldn't have chose to send my children there. It offers some great opportunities for our children to excel academically. Unfortunately a lot of decisions that have been made by "management" have been bad decisions. One of the girls involved in the altercation has already been in at least 2 fights this school year. According to their own policy this girl should not have even still been at the school to be involved in this altercation. If we expect our children to be responsible and hold themselves accountable we (parents AND the school) must hold them accountable as well and enforce the consequences that are set up for their actions and poor decisions.

  • Sean

    i like tech high school and since i am in the math/science magnet my friends do not act like that and people who have come from manual do not act like that, but these officers can't do their jobs all they do is use pepper spray and taze people

    • student

      im a senior at tech and they do not taze people! they do go over board with the pepper spray but never in the four years i have been there or my brother who recently graduated from there have we seen them taze someone!

    • concerned citizen

      You are obviously are one of those children who doesn't know how to tell the truth becuase the police officers at Tech don't even have Tazers. Your creditablity was just blown.

  • parent

    Im sure its hard for the cops there, Not all the kids are Bad kids there! there is a hand full that needs to be sent out! U have 5 cops and 3500 kids and see what You have to do to get control of all them, then when they break up one fight another one starts, I like Tech also but this has to stop before someone get hurt bad

  • joe-joe2

    Taxpayers provide the free or reduced rate breakfasts and what do the hoodlums do…………they throw the food all over the place. Bunch of dumbarses.

    • somebody

      Let me tell all of you negative people about my school we are not hoodlooms just because we are kids from the hood don’t mean we don’t have hope we come from struggles maybe if the school bord tried to treat us the way they do township then we wouldn’t act like this matter fact they feeding us jail food you dam right we gone throw that bull while the township got air n we don’t they eat good but we dontt we still wear n uniformbut they don’t us some love n stop treat n the township schools like they all that cause Tobe honest they are no different from us so cutting all that name call out cause y’all got us all wrong

  • Student of TECH

    Im a student at Arsenal Tech. In the CTM program. Im a junior. This is my second year here. Anyway…. Tech isn't a bad school. Every kid isn't bad and it's some that have problems. We aren't hoodlums!!!!!!! You act like you haven't been to high school! It is fights! It is complications! Chill out! Just live your lives.

    • Anonymous

      Tech is not As bad as the say it us but today they did not handle that situation correctly. The girl that was hush to the hospital had a seizure for getting dropped on her head by the police. That was not that deep to do that to her. The police at our school use they pepper spray for anything. They are out of control and it makes going here not safe because they don’t care as much as they say they do.

      • concerned citizen

        So it's the police fault for how some of the students behave. They have a job to do and unfortunately if it takes pepper spray to disperse a crowd or break up a fight then so be it.
        The best advice is don't stand around to watch uncivilized children fighting.

  • Michelle

    I have yet to see a post by a student at Tech that was properly written. I have never seen worse grammer from a student in my life.What is going on over at Tech. They sure aren't teaching these kids anything.

    • John

      I totally agree. You would think that i this day and age of using computers to do all their essay's and work on, they would at least know how to use the spelling and grammar check. Perhaps the statements posted on here should be sent to the ISTEP grading rather than the coached and prepared tests they do send in.

  • RedStateVet

    “It occurs all the time,” said Guadalupe Wallace, who pulled her two daughters out from school after the brawl. “My children don’t eat breakfast here because of that.”

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    They don't eat breakfast there because of that? So you can afford to feed them, but choose not to? My children eat breakfast at home. If you are going to have your kids sponge on the taxpayer, at least keep them on a leash.

    • Mrs. Wallace

      Maybe you should know your facts before you "voice your opinion"! My children do eat breakfast at home and for your information if my children decided it was safe enough in the cafeteria in the mornings to eat breakfast at school without the fear of being pepper sprayed then THEY WOULD PAY FOR IT! We don't sponge off the taxpayers so get your facts straight! We pay for all meals they eat, breakfast or lunch! I stated that my children don't eat breakfast here because of that because we were standing outside of the Arsenal Technical High School campus so we were "Here" at the time!!! My children were not involved in this altercation they were innocent victims that were trying to stay away from the chaos that occured and got caught in the cross fire because the staff in charge of maintaining order had been spraying their pepperspray wildly. My children are not perfect. NO teenager is perfect. So you can WTF yourself on somewhere else!!!

      • Mrs. Wallace

        Oh yes, by the way….maybe child protective services should pay you a visit if you are putting a leash on children!!!!

      • mynamismyne

        Ms Wallace I have also read the policy on fighters being put out of school. The problem is the school staff doesn’t have the power to fully enforce that policy. The school can ask for a student to be placed in an alternative school or be expelled. That case is then turned over to an adjudicator who makes the final decision. Its very possible the girl was put out and allowed to come back. What I don’t understand is if your children were outside campus when all of this started how did they get sprayed. My child was in the cafeteria when it all started and was totally unaffected by the spray. The only possible way your children could have been that close was if they saw the crowd and tried to go see what was going on. I’m sure they are good kids but if they got sprayed it was their own fault. You may not want to hear the truth but there it is. There was plenty of open ground that was not near the fight they could have walked to get where they were going. As I said my child was at ground zero with several other students and none of them were sprayed because they ran AWAY from the fighting to TOWARD the fighting. I’m sure next time there is a fight your children will make a better choice.

  • concerned citizen

    I have seen the police use their spray and they only use it to disperse crowds that are gathering to watch someone who is arguing or fighting. They also give orders for the crowd to move so they can stop whatever is going on. They wouldn't have to use their spray if the students didn't stand around to watch a fight. It's sad that they think that is entertainment. It is also sad that they believe the answer to their problems is by using violence.

  • John

    There have been racial fights at Tech for years and nothing has been done about it, I went to Tech in the late 70's and 80's and riots occurred back then as well. It has nothing to do with the school, it has to do with parents not raising their kids to respect other people, other races and other cultures. The reason it happens at Tech so much is simply due to the large number of students that make up a large group of diverse people, in this I mean, different races, ethnic backgrounds, poverty levels, cultures and so on. Parent need to teach their kids to respect other people in order to receive respect from other people. The student who started this need to be expelled permanently and have legal charges filed against them, perhaps prison jail will teach them the respect their parent don't.

    • mynamismyne

      I spoke with someone down town in the IPS main office and they confirmed that IPS has their own police department. They are not IMPD officers although some do reserve for other departments. IPS is one of the few systems in the country that has their own department of fully trained officers. I was told they have an opening if any of you think you can do a better job.

  • C/O 2010

    I am a graduate of Tech High! The school is not a bad school at all. I was in CTM and let me tell you all something we did not act out like this! These kids today are making a bad name for Tech. Tech has so much to offer to the students if they get their heads out of their asses and into them books!
    C/O 2010!!

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