Winter weather hits northeast and the plains

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Winter weather will impact a big portion of the U.S. over next couple of days.

The east coast and parts of the plains are bracing for more late season winter weather this morning.  For Indiana, most of the winter weather will bypass us by passing to the north.  The early morning rain that rolled through here this morning turned out to be several inches of snow up in Michigan.  This system, a trough and associated cold front, will continue to roll towards the east coast today.  Snow will begin in places like Boston by this afternoon but blizzard conditions are not expected until after sunset.  By the time the sun comes up some communities could see upwards of 36 inches of snow!  Add to that the strong wind gusts that could top 70 mph and Saturday morning is going to be quite nasty for those living on the East Coast.


Off the chart snow expected for parts of the northeast tonight.

Off to the northwest we have seen blizzard watches issued this morning for Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.  Five to ten inches of snow will be possible near Sioux Falls.  Winds gusting up to 45 mph will also make for near whiteout conditions Saturday evening through Sunday morning.

Our local weekend forecast is for mild conditions with warmer weather near 50 degrees for Sunday.  Rain will arrive here Sunday afternoon with possibly up to a half inch of rain falling overnight into Monday morning.


  • kskeet

    wow! make our blizzard of 2012 look like snow flurries. Yes! it met the criteria for a blizzard, a very weak one at 3 or 4 hours at the most, but our media played it up as if it were the storm of all storms. Read the stats predicted on this storm to hit Boston (found them on and tell me "Indianapolis" media, did we really have a blizzard? was there a need for the constant, all day coverage? I do appreciate that there is someone there to advise of an approching weather system/storm, but holy cow, do we have to go overboard when snow shows up on doppler?

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