Blind horse rescued from pool in Vigo County

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VIGO COUNTY, IND. — When Jack Harvey heard noises in his backyard, he did not expect to find a horse stuck in his pool.

The horse, which is blind, had wandered into his backyard in Vigo County, onto the cover of the pool and then fell through the cover.

Harvey called 911, saying  the horse was straddling one of the pool cover straps that go across the pool in the deep end.  The horse’s  front legs were touching the bottom of the pool on the ramp section, but the rear legs were too far in the deep end.

He was unsure how long the animal had been in the cold water, but it was becoming lethargic and shivering.

When fire officials, a veterinarian and conservation officers arrived on the scene, the horse seemed to be going in and out of consciousness, with its head bobbing up and down.

Realizing they needed to act quickly to save the animal, Deputy Steve Meng had Harvey drive his Jeep to the pool’s edge, because it was equipped with a winch.  The hook on the winch was attached to a harness on the horse’s head.

Crews cut the pool cover and pulled the winch cable to help guide the horse to the shallow end of the pool.

After a brief struggle, the horse made it to the shallow end where it could stand.

Crews placed blankets over the horse to keep it warm and then walked it up the pool’s stairs

The first few attempts to walk the horse out of the pool were unsuccessful, until deputies put a rope around the rear quarter of the horse and pulled from the front, which assisted the horse in walking out of the pool.

The horse was taken into the homeowner’s heated garage where the veterinarian treated the horse.

The horse was then loaded into a trailer and taken back to its home.

Officials say the horse should make a full recovery.


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