Two killed after car catches fire on I-70

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WAYNE COUNTY, IND. — Two people died in a car fire along I-70 near Richmond Sunday afternoon.

A witness told Fox 59 one of the passengers told her someone in the car lit a cigarette when another passenger was on oxygen, which sparked the fire.

Lee Gastineau of Avon took these pictures while she and a friend were heading back from Ohio. She says the driver was able to steer into the median, jump out, and get his girlfriend out of the car.

They both suffered severe burns. It was too late for the other two passengers sitting at the back. The car was already engulfed in flames.

“It was something that I probably won’t forget for a long time,” she said. “She was laying in the median. She was charred very very badly. She was crying in pain. [She was] suffering severely. Her boyfriend who was comforting her was burnt too [on] the whole right side of his face. [His] face was burned off. [So were] his arms. It was very very horrific.”

The westbound lanes on I-70 were shut down while crews responded to the scene. Deputies have yet to release the names of the two people killed.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said it will be releasing more information Monday.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    a) Apparently the occupants of the car are highly ignorant and/or unintelligent! Light a naked flame around a frakking highly combustible source? Why!?? They're probably the type that smokes while pumping gas too.

    b) What did the first people on the scene do for the survivors besides take photos? Good grief people! Get a first aid kit in your autos! Not only do I have a 1st aid kit, I keep a trauma bag in my truck too.

    • Dylan Brooks

      hey, little cunt buster. the valve was in the OFF position, therefore, it should have been safely contained, however there was a leak in the tank that caused it to be ignited

      It was a very unlikely accident that so ended in this way. I think you should reevaluate your intelligence if you are really posting shit like this.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        lol….a leak in the tank eh?

        That's the official investigation conclusion? Wow…they really work fast. It was only yesterday. Normally it takes weeks upon weeks for an investigation to conclude.

        In case you were wondering, that's sarcasm and I call bullsheet on this leak story.


  • Duane

    I'm with you ClanSmoke. Same here. First aid bag, sheets, water, fire extiguishers in all 3 of our vehicles, & I also carry the same in myTriaxle Dump Truck. its worth it if it helps save another life or at least give them comfort. Kinda common sense not to smoke around an oxygen tank. Not to mention, if the person was already in such bad health they needed oxygen, why the heck are you smoking around them anyway???? & Once again ClanSmoke, They probably do smoke while pumping gas too. I'm not really trying to be mean here. 2 people lost their lives. For that I am truly sorry. But if not for the lack of common sense from someone, these 2 would still be alive. RIP friends.

  • dustin new

    the tank was off you fuck. they normally dont smoke around the tank if you really want to know they were pulling off at the exit that was just up ahead. so keep your ignorant as fuck comments to yourself. that was my family who was injured and my friends who were killed. you dont know shit about what happend the tank was off lets give it a couple of days for the investigation to be complete before you open your fucking mouth…

    • CommonSense

      Even in the off position it would be ignorant to smoke around the O2 tank. Does the big warning sticker on the tank say "only smoke around me when valve is turned off"? Probably not. Dumb fuck. It probably does not say that in case of leak which could cause ignition. I'm sure you didn't have to state that you were a part of this family for people to figure that out. You are just as dumb.

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