Proposed legislation would let hospitals form own police departments

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INDIANAPOLIS — Someone opening fire in a hospital – it’s the kind of scenario that has some people very worried.

And that’s why state Senator Dennis Kruse has written a bill, Senate Bill 582, which he says would make hospitals safer.

“I think the issue’s big in America today, and I think people want to feel more secure when they go to public places,” said Sen. Kruse. “It would allow hospitals to set up kind of their own police department within each hospital, they’d have jurisdiction only within their premises.”

“I get a lot of people who say, ‘I wish we had that kind of a thing,’” said Jay Dotson, a former hospital security director, who now works for a company called Lighthouse Readiness Group, which puts on training exercises for area hospitals.

“(In) most of these cases where someone goes into a school, goes into a hospital and takes people’s lives by shooting them, if there’s someone who can stop them, they generally won’t do it,” Dotson said. “We rarely see someone doing that when there’s someone who could fight them back.”

“Really, I think the schools have better protection than hospitals, hospitals are basically wide open to everybody,” said Sen. Kruse, who has made headlines for authoring the marriage amendment, and a controversial bill requiring the Lord’s Prayer be read in Indiana schools.

Kruse said this bill seems to have bi-partisan support. It passed a Senate committee unanimously last week, and could be heard by the full Senate later this month.

“It’s an option for hospitals,” said Dotson. “It wouldn’t be something that is mandatory.”

“They also have a lot of patients that are mentally ill in the hospitals,” Kruse said. “Who knows, if somebody gives them the wrong kind of weapon, they could go berserk in the hospital, so I think in today’s world, it’s probably wise for the hospital to have better protection.”

“Currently, universities in the state of Indiana are allowed to have police departments, so it’s very similar to what the universities are allowed to do,” Dotson said. “It is going to cost money for an organization to do it, but to have the option is a good opportunity for them to improve their security.”


  • HRV

    Hope the dumb blond nurse doesn't getting the line of fire if it really happens. She must be thinking I'm a nurse this is my floor. Hey Blondie stay the heck out of the way till an officer tells you to come in it is clear.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    I like this idea.

    If there's ever a zombie outbreak the po-po in the hospitals will be the first line of putting down the plague because of the number of people in there who are ready or have expired.

  • John Browning

    I don't understand the logic behind this. Are you worried about active shooter scenarios or are you worried about enforcing laws?

    If you are just worried about active shooter scenarios, the hospitals don't need their own police department. They just need to arm their security. The only reason to have police is to have the ability to arrest people. Nowhere in this article do I see anything about needing that. Universities have their own police departments because they ARE interested in enforcing laws (in addition to providing security).

    I think it is a good intentioned misguided bill. Just arm your security officers and employ one or two off duty cops to deal with the belligerent person who needs to be issued tresp@ss papers. I really don't see the need for having their own police department. I doubt any hospitals would actually do this for financial reasons.

    C'mon Fox 59… deleting my post because it has the word tresp@ss????

  • tim

    The hospital my son works at on the West side has their officers carry nothing. not even pepper spray, nightstick nothing. how can the be expected to protect anything if they cant even protect themselves, Aweful

  • Slidingintoit

    The issue is you do not know what is really going on, because, you rely on the "news media" to inform you. And you watch tv. And you are distracted from reality, via sports. And porn. And, etc etc etc ….by design. You still don't know the Truth of the World you are living in. You don't even know about
    ____ B U I L D I N G __ 7 __ S E V E N ____
    and the FACTS, of that day. But you sure fall on line , when they take whats left of your rights.

  • GET a clue

    DHS , […..thats dept of homeland security for you public school alumni…..] DHS, has purchased 2 billion hollow points the past 13 months, , and paper targets to practice on.
    The paper targets are of PREGNANT WOMEN & CHILDREN. They requested them, specifically, to train and condition the "officers" to murder.

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