Local woman’s story serves as warning to taxpayers

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If you’re counting on a tax refund to help pay the bills this year, one woman’s story might serve as a cautionary tale.

Christy, who asked Fox 59 to keep her last name private, got her tax return on a credit card this year. Many companies offer the option as the fastest way to get your money back.

Christy saw online that her refund was due to deposit on Feb. 7. A snag with the company caused the card to be put on hold, leaving Christy with bills she still needed to pay.

“I got two of the bills paid and then I was trying to pay the gas bill and they said it was denied,” Christy said.

She’s not the only one running into delays with their tax refunds this year. CPA Cathy Swift said that even if you don’t opt for the credit card option, expect your refund to come at least a week later than usual.

“We’ve told everyone not to expect anything for three weeks once it’s E-filed,” Swift said.

The delay is caused by changes to the tax code that are aimed at better preventing fraud. Swift said that there are especially delays on tax statements that include the Earned Income Credit.

Christy was able to get the card fixed, after a long day on the phone. She’s now telling friends and family to beware and plan ahead, in case they run into similar problems.

“It makes me (worried). I’ve never had any trouble before but now it’s got me thinking,” Christy said.


  • chris

    I E-filed on the 1st of February and got the check direct deposited on the 8th. I did not have any issues at all.

  • chris

    I got a letter from the state that said my refund amount was $222 dollars too low, and that they automatically amended my return.

    • cjmo2662

      How often does that happen? I filed mine on 2/3, still not processed because of educational credits- IRS isn't starting those til 2/15.

  • Cwbybobb

    E-filed my federal taxes on Jan. 28, was accepted Jan. 30, getting them direct deposited this Wed. Feb 13th. My son & his friend got theirs back no problem too fast, we all claimed earned income credit.

  • chuck

    got a dd date for state on the 14th , mailed my return in on 1/25 , but my federal still hasnt been recieved but i filed form 8396 , and was reading that form is delayed , is the irs just sitting on my return ?

    • cjmo2662

      Yep, you & anyone claiming educational credits. When they started accepting e-files officially on 1/31, they discovered the info for educational expenses wasn't updated. Its making me crazy!

  • Millicent

    my taxes were files on Jan 29th but haven't been accepted because of the education credit. Heard they are starting to accept them on Thursday.

      • cjmo2662

        I didn't have any problems with mine last year, & this year's credit is less. Dang Obamacare! That's why employers now report our health insurance benefits (the part they pay) as income. 9Hint: line 12 DD)

  • Mike

    My wife and I filed our taxes on January 30th. About a week later I received a phone message from our tax preparer saying the IRS had questions about our return. After returning the phone call I was told that someone had already filed using my wifes SSN. So now we beging the long process of providing documents proving my wife is who she says she is. Notifying several government agencies and still this process could take up to SIX MONTHS! And that also means our refund is being held during that time as well. What a big surprise that was!

  • Lisa

    This is the 2nd year in a row that the IRS is doing a THOROUGH review of my taxes. All I had was w-2's and unemployment earning, and my two kids, but I'm getting yet another thorough review!!!! Last year we filed in January and didn't get ours back until May thanks to the review. Yet I'm seeing all these people that live around me who, as far as I know, didn't even work last year, but were still able to file somehow and have already received their returns. I'm sick of working my butt off and being screwed, but people who don't do crap are reaping all the rewards.

  • Shawna

    My clients have been getting their refunds in about a week this year. So good thus far. Last year it took one client a month and a half to get their refund and there was no reason for that. She had a simple return without EIC. This year I'm advising my clients that it will probably be a week, but based on last year's sporadic way they refunded taxpayers that it could up to a month. Refund statuses indicate it will be refunded within 21 days, but none have taken that long yet.

  • Tia

    I had no issue! And why would you start spending or counting on money that you do not have yet! And I would NEVER get my tax money on a credit card!

  • Michael

    I filed my taxes and was accepted on march 12' it's been 3 weeks and nothing yet no dd has been posted. It's still shows processing. Has anyone had this problem filing after march?

    • Shnita

      Yea I filed on march 11 and nothing yet. When I called the IRS they said they never received my information so I went back to my tax person and he sented them again. But still nothing yet

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