Christopher Dorner: Police demolish cabin, hear single gunshot

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A single gunshot was heard as authorities moved into the cabin where Christopher Dorner was believed to be holed up.

According to a law enforcement source, police had broken down windows, pumped in tear gas and blasted a loud speaker urging Dorner to surrender. When they got no response, police deployed a vehicle to rip down the walls of the cabin “one by one, like peeling an onion,” a law enforcement official said.

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  • Amber

    May the family's of all the victims be comforted in their time of loss. May Christopher Dorner find the peace he so badly needs.

  • "Thor"

    This man was evil and there will be no peace for him. His death will save the taxpayers millions of dollars and CA needs all the help they can get!

    • "Thor"

      One of the worst parts of this story was three people were shot by the police mistaking them for Dorner, thankfully they will survive.

  • merrilee

    This man was fighting the only way he thought he could. What's really bad is when all the right ways to solve this didn't work they way they should. Some people just get pushed way too far. Yes he handled it the wrong way. But when there was no other way instead of giving up he done the only thing he could think of to be heard. To have some justice.

      • merrilee

        I'm not saying it's everyone fault but his. What I am saying is that if the ways that he tried to resolve this to begin with had worked as they should it probably wouldn't have came to this. If you read my post you would have seen(Yes he handled it the wrong way). I take it no one has ever push you so far you just couldn't take it anymore. And you've never done anything that later you decide you really shouldn't have done because you thought there was no other way. You must be perfect.

      • "Thor"

        First it's not his fault and now sarcasm. We all make mistakes and the adults take resposibility for the ones they make. It is really sad to see a 33 year old kid. He is dead and it was by his choice, nobody else's. He murdered four people, that's not a bad choice, that's evil.

  • tom

    everybody can say and think what yall want to,only if it was one of any of us in his position, his shoe,s would we know what why and how everything went down but when you got a whole state or several state,s as in bookoo 1ooo cop,s on the job it show,s some piss poor leadership or training or whatever as were seeing they had to burn a cabin down with this dude in it if it,s actually him to catch the guy and for the other people that were shot injured by the cop sbecause the cop.s thought they were this guy you people are like All of us collaterol damage to the people that protect and serve us.. tommy

  • albert

    his killing spree is not the way we handle things in our society. specifically the young woman & her friend. No one killed his wife or a child of his – he dint have any. As far as I know,in a classic italian vendetta this would not be an honourable act. Yet he should have been checked, in a fair trial, as far as he could be held responsiblle. He lost control, his mental state is in question.And to me the LAPD again looked bad. To burn that cabin down, I hope they dint initiate that though it now looks like it. A lot of folks will think the police just wanted to silence him. It seems he went down with paranoia i combination with severe depression. He should have been taken to trial , with a fair chance of an insanity plea.

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