Christopher Dorner shootout: 1 deputy killed, 1 wounded, sources say

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One of the deputies involved in a gun battle Tuesday afternoon with fugitive former police officer Christopher Dorner has died of his wounds, law enforcement sources told The Times.

The San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy was airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, according to the sources.

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    • Llynette

      America's (our) government does not practice Justice for all. The only safe place is in God's hands. Most of us will not be allowed to pursuit the "American Dream" no matter how we do whats right, for reasons that are unconstitutional, personal reasons of those in control. I know how the police work. They get away with murder and injustice. They play mind games. But when someone is driven to do what Dorner is doing, the police wants us to see him as a killer, A lot of people know that most of the police are the real killers. They don't only kill the body. They kill by ruining our character by deforming it in the community. And Blackball, and oppression, and developing false wittiness to cover up their deceit. God hates the oppression of the poor. Dorner stood up for a poor homeless person. I believe they did something to him long before his violent retaliation towards their injustice etc. They are professional character deformers. But it backfired. Injustice has bitten off more than it can chew. Don't believe the police statements about Dorner. They made up lies about me and did other things to me. Don't underestimate the wickedness of the criminal justice system. They are dangerous. Their is no hope for us outside of God's Son Jesus. It is God who got me through the traps the police set for me, the drugging, and the unlawful treatment, arrest and hospitalization. Jesus is our answer. The situation my not change but he will keep us and we will have peace with him (God).

      • Common sense

        Llynette you are delusional. How can you possibly justify what this maniac is doing? Obviously you don't truly understand God and His teachings. You have warped reality to fit your tainted views. This guy is a godless murderer and will pay for the atrocities that he has committed whether it is on this earth or before God.

  • WOW

    how is he gonna get away? deepwst condolences to the family of the deciest officer. r.i.p in gods hands he is now. but how is he gonna get away and do so much damage hes only one person against the whole police force. i think he got his tactics from grand theft auto aha

    • WhoKnew?

      John, how is a man that kills 4 innocent people a beautiful human being? He's gonna get what he has coming to him.

      • John

        Lieutenant Dorner loved our country.
        Fought for our country.
        Risked and sacrificed his life to protect our country.

        And he questioned the government’s institutionalized corruption and crime.

        Those are convictions few of us live by. That makes him a beautiful human being. While his use of deadly force cannot be justified, despite his mistakes, his life now stands for something greater.

        May God protect him and grant him peace.

    • jeff fisher

      Yes it is sad when we loose a Human Being like this. And those he has killed as well.
      The mind is a tricky thing, and world is a hard place to live in sometime. To all those good people that have DIED, I pray for your souls, as I down a few tears, and say RIP. You will be missed by all of us.

  • Rick

    Now they are saying the cabin is engulfed in flames. Just my guess that they set it on fire with napalm or the like to end it quickly and give him his wish. I do hope that the LAPD follows up on what happened with his firing, but I would bet that it will all be covered up.

  • Dave

    So somehow a fire starts… covenient so he doesnt get to have his say in court…..makes it so easy….case closed and the corruption and abuse will go on…………….

  • angieANTHONY

    and that the truth lapd is so corrupt .and thanks to christopher dorner people are thinking twice on LAPD living in WATTS CA we know that first hand how they are ..i know he hurted families but what about the families LAPD hurted and destroyed with there lies and corruption

    • 000

      He killed 4 people that did absolutely nothing to him. His beef is with a few individuals, not the people he killed. I'm sure he's dead now and won't hurted anyone else.

    • Lynette

      From my experience so is the Chicago IL police, Charlotte NC, police, Florida police along with California. They stick together in their corruption.

  • Common sense

    you people who feel for him are all idiots! He is a soulless killer and he deserves all bad things that come his way!

  • End-Times

    He has to pay for what he did. Still, I pray he comes to his senses, repents, and is sorry for what he's done. My prayers are with the families of all who were killed by him. My prayers are also with Doner's family.

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