Marijuana decriminalization bill likely shelved for 2013 session

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INDIANAPOLIS – Supporters of lesser penalties for marijuana-related offenses will have to wait until next year.

Indiana lawmakers aren’t likely to touch the issue during the 2013 session. Senate Bill 580, proposed by State Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Portage, would lessen penalties for having pot. The proposal would make cut the penalty of possession of less than two ounces of marijuana to an infraction.

State Sen. Mike Young, R-Speedway, chairman of the state’s Corrections and Criminal Law Committee, said the committee wasn’t likely to hear the bill this year.

Supporters of the measure will have to wait until 2014.

In November, Indiana State Police Superintendent Paul Whitesell told a legislative committee that he would “legalize and tax” marijuana, saying the substance wasn’t going anywhere and that the national trend was going in that direction.

State police later clarified Whitesell’s comments, saying that he was speaking in a “philosophical” sense and wasn’t offering a legal opinion.

Nationally, Washington and Colorado voted to decriminalize marijuana in November. Another 18 states allow marijuana use for medicinal purposes.


    • guest

      yes, i would be shocked if we werent last..only because of the politicians having the same mentality that they have had since the 50s…wake up america!! This isnt going to stop!!

  • Phil

    heck, most of the Chins on the southside grow it freely in their backyards. Report it to the PoPo, they come and look at it, and still nothing gets done.

  • electedface

    Estimates show that marijuana is America’s number one cash crop. However, marijuana remains untaxed. This is a new source of income for our nation, an income we desperately need.

    Over 500 of the nation’s top economic professors have shared their opinion in supporting the removal of prohibition and imposing the taxation and regulation of marijuana as a way to slow the federal deficit.

    Marijuana prohibition is costing America upwards of $20 billion annually. The hemp industry would not only create jobs, it would free up court time and jail space for real criminals among many other benefits. The list could go on.

    Sign the petition in the video description.

      • Mason

        Then, there would bring on the problem of prudes accusing marijuana for the increase of underage smoking. It's a two way street, so what Indiana has to say about legalizing or decriminalizing could potentially bite the "non-tobacco-weed-smoking" community in the rear end. Honestly, I feel that Marijuana regulation could be profitable for america as a whole.

  • DJHB317

    It is sad that the lawmakers at the State Capital will only acknowledge the bills and issues they see fit. They are old and out of touch. I personally don't really care which way they decide to move on the issue, however I would just like to see them put an ear to the community before they act because they technically work for us and they most definately don't act like it.

  • xanonx


    • todd

      now think about that population u talkim about……..90% of them are black which is why they wanna keep it as is. 2013 slavery. u have a couple grams on u …no gov assistance not even fasfa………. fuk with little kids….they act like u ran a red light an send em on they way. just check the stats.

  • Guest

    Honestly, It should be legal. No one dies from it, No one overdoses. If It was legal and taxed the state would receive money for it and everyone would be happy. It is not going anywhere, people will still continue to smoke it whether it is legal or not.

  • Anonymous1

    Smells of corruption. Find out who is keeping this bill from getting a fair shake and hold them accountable.
    This is against the will of the people, the majority want it legalized in Indiana there are several polls to support this.
    Sounds fishy to me.

  • David A.

    These old fucks in the house. Need to start listening to the real bosses of this nation. I feel if they don't do what we tell them to do not ask. We should kick them out. We will put another in their place. They are replaceable. Us as a state must act on this if we don't like it. We are the bosses not these old fuck tards.

  • WeNeedBetterGov

    The bud in washington is kill!
    you guys from indiana are missing out major.
    petition your system. do whatever. get it legalized!

  • got

    Vote this out of touch pompous piece of fecal matter back to the streets. This loser calls himself a representative of the people ,but will not even hold a hearing on what polls indicate the citizens want. This kind of behavior speaks of ignorance combined with absolutism. Thus guy is not a king, out is up to us to remove this punk. After calling his office, i realized that they haven’t spent any time on this subject. The man on the phone simply said that the hearings weren’t long enough to discuss the entire issue. So, this Mike Lee sissy boy just kills the bill. This means he already knows everything and doesn’t need to learn more. What jr does knowis continually banging his head against the wall of the drugwar is productive and working. It is also hindering cartel influence and violence. This jerk is a boon to cartels, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were paying him to do things like this. What an irresponsible and ignorant little man.

  • unowutopinionsrlike

    One more year of getting better prepared and trying to educate the morons in office. More people die and do stupid shit from alcohol…taxpayers are footing the bill for all the people sitting in jail for marijuana possession, when the molesters are getting out left and right…this is insane.

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