Mother fights for justice in daycare neglect case

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Lechelle Hadrick is speaking out, after a year and a half long court battle with a daycare worker accused of leaving her daughter alone.

Hadrick’s daughter, Zy’ayr, was only a year old when she was badly injured in 2011 while under the care of Kimberly McGill, who owned “Each One Teach One” daycare at the time. The daycare was run out of McGill’s home on the northeast side.

McGill called Hadrick in August of 2011, telling her that Zy’ayr was hurt.

“She told me, you have to take her to the hospital, she split her lip,” Hadrick said.

When Hadrick got to the hospital, though, she learned that Zy’ayr also had three fractures to her jaw and a skull fracture. McGill told Hadrick and detectives that the girl hurt herself after falling from a hockey table she had in the home.

Fox59 obtained court documents, though, that provide evidence that Zy’ayr’s injuries may not have come from a fall. In the documents, doctors said the injuries were “not consistent with” that kind of fall. Detectives also learned from several children under McGill’s care that she would sometimes leave them alone or take them across the street to another home.

“I took a back seat and I just waited. I gave them a chance to see if they would make sure justice was done,” Hadrick said.

Zy’ayr recovered from her injuries and is doing better. In the meantime, McGill was arrested and charged with six counts of neglect. She’s scheduled to stand trial this month, more than a year after the incident.

Hadrick said that she was told McGill will likely get probation in the case. She decided to speak out to Fox59, saying that punishment does not seem like enough, given her daughter’s injuries.

“I’m not happy. I feel like it’s just a slap on the wrist and it’s nothing,” Hadrick said.

McGill’s lawyer told Fox59 she did not want to comment until the case is resolved, but that McGill has never been charged with hurting Zy’ayr. McGill’s daycare was shut down shortly after the incident in 2011.

Hadrick said she hopes other families can learn from her story and that she wants to see stricter punishments in the future for daycare workers who don’t properly care for children.

“Do a further background check. Make sure you get references and you know who you’re dealing with and you know exactly what you’re getting into,” Hadrick said.


  • where is the justice

    this a lot of bull sh**!!!!!!!!!! why is the state giving this wannabe women a break!!!!!!!!!! where is the justice for this little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! i praise this mom for speaking up……. if that was my daughter i would be in prison right now……. any true parent would be there, but it take a smart parent to trust our dumb a** justice system!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought this was indiana, a child state. its starting to look like the children are getting put on the back burner. this is totally wrong………

  • MisC

    Sadly— the witch would have a broken jaw and fractured skull as well– IDC who you are you don't put hands on a baby!

  • Michelle

    Oh My Goodness!! What on earth happened to this poor baby girl??? What caused the three fractures in her jaw and a skull fracture?? It doesn't appear that the house had stairs to fall down… There had to be a LOT of FORCE behind what happened!! This is a case of neglect and child endangerment!! The accused needs not to ever again be trusted with ANY child!! And jail time is an absolute MUST!! Think of the pain, suffering, and fear that little girl went through, not to mention her mother! How many other children had suffered at the hands of this daycare worker?? She has to come to justice for what she allowed happen on her watch. She was entrusted and paid to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for the babies in her care, and she just didn't care that she was caring for little lives. The affects of this could affect these children the rest of their lives.

  • really concerned

    Considering the fact that i know her and she is always doing something wrong and thinking that she can get away with it they should trow the book at her. The state really needs to take a second look into this because the daycare was never in her name. It was in her husbands and she was never supposed to be in there in the first place. Yes they closed her hubby down but its criminal that she was working there anyway. the state had been notified several times that this 5 time convicted felon was working there. now this child has been critically injured and they gorna let her get away with it cause they dont wanna be at fault again!!!

    • your family

      Consider the fact that I know you and how you are always doing something wrong, illegal and out of spite and think you can get a way with it they should throw the book and put you under the jail. The state need to really take a second, and third look all a your alligations because you daycare is ran illegal and people should take in consideration with the "people" and environment you have there children in. Lets no start bring people's "husband's" into this, unless you want to talk about yours in a situation regarding daycare regulations, the law, criminals and convicted felons. So you need to think twice and speak once.

  • Anonymous

    None of you know the true Kim and I honestly don’t believe the stuff I am hearing you people above none of you know the real story so don’t go pointing fingers … Kim i love you , and for the rest of you fuck you and your opinions signed x godchild

  • NaeNae

    None of you know the story so stop commenting on what the news and this woman is telling them .. accidents happen everyday who knows what happened other than then them kids and kim … Much love kim

  • jackie

    Lies lies all lies…did the mother forget to report her one year old fell out of her moving truck the day before…reported by Zy older sister…explains the skull fracture ! Kim has 5kids nd7grand nd ive known her since before i was a parent nd NEVER has she ever resembled the.person u guys r creatin n the media so wait till shes well and established to do so? Come on now..u guys are assassinating a woman who will give strays the shirt of her bak nd annually throws a bak to school party for locals kids she dont even no..spending thousands of her own money¡ Let God Judge u spectators jus sit Bak nd watch God work …And yelp Shonna its known that thats u…ha u jus wont give will u¿ well explain ur assaults nd multi batteries whose name is ur daycare n cuz not too mention the registered sex offender ur housing under ur roof where there.3of ur own kids there is that legal? While u Watchin Them Whose Watchin U! Sweep around ya own front door before u try to sweep around neones! Ur day in court is coming soon

  • Shawna

    The daycare fiaso is a tragedy that should not have happened when you have precious children in your care the dishes can wait to be washed. The children should have been her primary concern. Someone with a felony record however should never have been able to operate or work in a child care center and she should be fined for that violation and the owner as well. When seeking childcare dont always seek the cheapest route because this is often times the result. Ms.McGill has 5 children and several grandchildren but that doesnt make her the best daycare provider. Was the building ever inspected or child proof?

    • PARENT

      people need to sweep around there own front doors bfore sweepin in front of others we have all judged but is that the way God had it to b before u no both sides of the story And as far as someone with a felony working in a daycare as long as its not a felony co ncerning a child then why not people who want to work should be givin a second chance. As far as the facility i had checked on several centers, nd ministries, bfore i found Mrs, Mcgill's nd by far for it to be a home was in excellent conditions, kids fed(a little) to much but they never went hungry. it was an earlier writer who mentioned the back to school GIVE A WAY that she hosted yearly out of pocket for children to have school supplies as well as uniforms. This is not a woman who would do or allow this to happen. i will still have my children in her care with no problem and no that there in GOOD HANDS!!!!!!!!!

  • larhonda

    I was directed to this website by 1 of my friendsafter she read 1 of the post I had made and the response and I was shocked and appalledto believe that people with post peoples namesand to believethat after the way they live they lifebut there’s only 1 person that could be making these comments about themI said what I said because I know for a fact that this is the type a messy lifestyle that this young lady lives. there is a police report on file because she was just in a fight at her husband place of business with a really good friend of mine and we are all hopingthat charges from that incident are forthcoming. Dig enough ditches and soon will bury yourself. you just getting bynot getting away

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