Parents convicted in starvation death of son

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Two parents were found guilty in the starvation death of their son Tuesday.

Amy Hockett was convicted of murder while Joseph Pierson was convicted of reckless homicide.

The Wayne County couple stood trial in the death of their 3-month-old son, Khaiden. He died from dehydration due to starvation in 2012.

Wayne County prosecutors said the boy weighed nine pounds at birth but was only six pounds when he died.

Sentencing for the pair has been set for March.


  • Kat

    dumb bitch, how hard is it to put your nipple in the baby's mouth??
    or mix up some formula!?

    IQ tests required to have kids? sounds good to me.

  • Angela

    I think that they need the same thing done to them and maybe these dam people will stop this shit I am sick of seeing this stuff happen and till the USA stops feeding them and not doing nothing about it stuff like this will keep going you never heard of this till Susan Smith did this now there has been so many I can not count them but quess what if we would of killed her and not put it on the news and the internet she would not get there 10 mins on fame and attention and she would not be feed housed and warm beds and college and tv take the stuff away from these people if you are in jail there should be no tv no nothing a cot and just enough food to keep u alive and that is it but I know in my heart that god has a special place for these people.

  • Sunanda

    I don't understand how it is possible for a parent to starve a baby. A normal human being would not even have the heart to starve an animal. How sad 😦 they should never be able to live outside a prison again. T

  • Sarah

    When I hear about a story like this it makes me wonder about all these idiots that argue against the death penalty and rights for criminals! Does anybody realize what a person goes through if they starve to death??! You don't just close your eyes and drift off ……it's excruciatingly painful as your bodies organs shut down. When will society and law makers realize we are not all equal? Some people just don't deserve to live. Child murderers and peadophiles cannot be cured and keeping them in prison costs tax payers money. We all know what the answer is people….we are just not allowed to say!

  • Teresa

    We're they receiving Medicaid and food stamps? Just curious as to what the checks and balances were in this case. Anyone else see this poor child that turned their head? Bless this baby and all who are abused. If you or anyone you know that a child is being abused call DCS.

  • Wanda

    I think these ppl shoud get the death penalty you killed a baby i could never do that my children mean the world to me they should die a very slow death as their baby did

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    This is what happens when PWT breeds.

    Too many people already treat children as property rather than helpless and hapless human beings.

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