PHOTOS: Mike Tyson visits Fox59 Morning News

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mike tyson 8

Mike Tyson with Jenny Anchondo

mike tyson 1

Mike Tyson talking about his one-man Broadway show

Glass Joe Knocks Out Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson preparing to play “Punch Out”

mike tyson 1

Mike Tyson defeated in “Punch Out”

mike tyson 2

Mike Tyson plays “Punch Out”

mike tyson 3

Ray Cortopassi roots Mike Tyson on as he plays “Punch Out”

mike tyson 4

Mike Tyson with Scott Jones

mike tyson 5

Ray Cortopassi interviews Mike Tyson about his return to Indianapolis

mike tyson 6

Mike Tyson with Angela Ganote

mike tyson 7

Mike Tyson with Fox59 Morning News executive producer Megan Alecia

mike tyson 9

Little Mac vs. Mike Tyson

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