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Riley’s Miracle Ride turns 20, continues raising money for sick children

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It’s one of the biggest motorcycle benefit rides in the state and this year, it’s turning 20 years old! Organizers gathered Tuesday to kick The Miracle Ride event.

A big photo shoot brought children who have been treated at Riley, hospital officials and even some Colts players together.

The kids who participated in the photo shoot will be Riley ambassadors for this year’s motorcycle ride.

The annual event has raised nearly $4 million to help sick children.

More information about the Miracle Ride can be found online.

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  • Anonymous

    I think it is great that they are raising money for Riley i did hear not saying it is a news tip on them but i did hear the staff in the ER need to stop calling DCS on people on just child restraints when that is a police matter. They went and reported a friend of mine and she wasn’t even driving the vehicle her exhusband was he had a bad car accident with there children in the truck. A social worker went and called DCS on her she wasn’t there doesn’t have a driver’s license and they went ahead and called on her are they nuts sounds like it. A friend of the family went and called the Board of Directors on her and a state complaint is getting filed.

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