Sen. Dan Coats on North Korea’s nuclear test

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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, issued the following statement today regarding North Korea’s test of a nuclear device:

“North Korea’s provocative nuclear test is the latest reminder of the consequences of allowing rogue nations to develop the world’s most destructive weapons. For years, successive U.S. administrations called a North Korean nuclear weapon unacceptable, the same words used today to describe an Iranian nuclear weapon.

“If we repeat the mistakes of the past, the brinksmanship we are witnessing on the Korean Peninsula will replicate and multiply in the Middle East, a region already stretching the limits of security.”


  • Tom

    bravo senator, I hope all of your colleagues feel the same way. Now is the time ,excuse me, ten years ago was the time, to take action on this. No matter the coast now…. It will be much less than the price we will pay in the near future with this dictator in place. Must we always take the lead in the UN ?

    • kinney w. gentry

      I agree that we should have taken care of this before it got to this point. But never the less. less take care of it now. You know if the politician would be held acountable as I was when I was working I don't think they would have a job for long.

  • Ken

    You didn't suggest any solutions to the issue. It sounds like partisan griping to me. Give the people your solution to the N. Korea problem.

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