Review of video shows ‘nothing egregious’ in reported bus assault

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1:30 p.m. – Police and school officials have reviewed videotape of the incident in question. According to them, surveillance footage does show the students taking the victim’s hat and stomping on it.

However, police and school officials said the video could not substantiate the victim’s claims that the other students used a lighter in an attempt to set the teen on fire. Officials said there was “nothing egregious” in the footage.

Original Story: LAWRENCE – A Lawrence North High School student says three classmates attacked him on a bus Monday, burning him with a cigarette lighter.

The 17-year-old victim—who has a learning disability—told investigators that the three students had bothered him before. He said the Monday afternoon incident escalated after one of the attackers took his hat and stomped on it, according to a report from the Lawrence Police Department.

After that, one of the students pulled out a cigarette lighter and tried to burn the teen’s chin. The victim managed to stop that, but the other student persisted, attempting to light the victim’s pants on fire. One of the other students then used a lighter to burn the victim’s left ear, the report said.

According to the report, the investigating officer noticed a “small spot of discoloring on (the victim’s) right pant leg” from the attempt to burn the teen’s pants and saw that the victim’s “left ear was red.” The teen also complained of pain in his ear.

The victim’s guardian told police she wanted to pursue charges against the three students. The victim told police that he informed the bus driver about the incident. Investigators plan to check surveillance video from the bus.


  • Sass

    What in the world is WRONG with these kids??? How dare their parents to raise them to believe they are better than others………… SAD!!

  • Joyce

    Disgusting! I don't have a suggestion of punishment but those three students need to be taught a lesson – bad enough that they won't want to bully again – and loud enough that it might make others THINK before they bully someone. Check with their teachers. If they are disruptive in class, send them to an alternative school so at least the students (and parents) who are trying won't have to put up with their behavior!

  • Nycole

    When i was in middle school kids on my school but would come up behind me and flip my hearing aid out of my ear and alaugh at me when i would be on the ground looking for it. kids were very cruel back then. I am afraid to say it but they are gettin worse every year.

  • Mary Louise Bewley

    I am the spokesperson for the MSD of Lawrence Township. Our investigation shows this student's claims cannot be substantiated. We have viewed the videotape that records activity on the bus, and other than seeing the student's hat being taken off his head and thrown to the back of the bus, there is no indication he was assaulted. The three students were interviewed separately and all said the same thing, that they took his hat off and threw it but did not touch him. The bus driver also did not see any indication that the student was attacked. We are working with Lawrence Police Department as they continue their investigation.

    • Disillusioned

      Ms Bewley, with any due respect, the Carmel administrators said the exact same thing when the b-ball boys were abusing a fellow student on the bus. Sorry to feel that school admins have very little credibibilty anymore.

    • I am you

      Wow. Learn from the applebee's fiasco and don't comment on the internet about current controversial situations.

      -5 and counting.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      lol…why is it sooo important that a spokesperson for the township will come online to convince everyone nothing is wrong?

    • Sharon

      Im finding it hard ot believe that Lawrence Township would hire such an inexperienced person as yourself. You have the bedside manner of a drunk pitt bull.Do you really think that we are stupid enough to believe a word that comes out of your mouth after your comments on TV last night? It is obvious that someone has gotten to you. You are incredibly unprofessional.

      Your investigation..? Really and you expect us to believe you? Are you saying that this young person is a liar? Who ever have you the job as spokes person for the district needs to loose their job,,,right after you.Prove to us that the video is not edited.

      .BTW, I know the young man that you are calling a liar…you should be ashamed.

  • xanonx

    there needs to be a worse punishment, because suspending and expelling the kids is giving them want they want and taking away from the education they need. but to bully another is not acceptable. the 3 bullies will get their payback.

  • Randy

    Do you really think that this video was not edited..Just like the Carmel Basketball deal, I bet the video was edited. Who are these "officials"..I call BS

  • new2in

    I'm pretty sure these kids know how to hide their activities from the camera. And if these kids are mean enough to steal and destroy a hat, why should we believe that they did nothing else?

  • sam miller

    That is always Lawrence Townships answer like when my son was assualted. Nothing happened according to the school system. You need to get rid of Deena Rimbarger or however her name is spelled. She is the one that installed actions with redirection but no consqences in this school system. EPIC FAIL:!

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