Family in Africa pleads for help in son’s murder

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A  West African family is pleading with Hoosiers to help them find their son’s killer.

Metro Police said Ousmane Goudiaby of Senegal was murdered in his Indianapolis computer repair shop on the 2700 block of Westlane Road in late January.

Goudiaby recently came to America to make a better life for himself. He was taking classes at Ivy Tech and played soccer with his friends.

A native of Goudiaby’s hometown, Lucien Diame recently visited Goudiaby’s home and family to give his condolences.

“Everybody was devastated. Everybody was mad,” said Diame. “They were so devastated, asking themselves, ‘Why, why, why?'”

Diame said Goudiaby was the breadwinner of the family and would often send them money.

“Whatever he got, he would actually send money back home to his parents, just to support them. Pay for food, you know, for electricity, you know, water and all that stuff,” he explained. “It’s really, really very bad news for them and I’m wondering how they’re gonna survive now.”

Now, Goudiaby’s family is desperate for justice and Diame shared their plea with Fox59.

“When somebody gets killed like that, you know, I would not ask for a penny just to turn somebody in,” he said. “Just as a human being if I happen to know who did this, my first duty is to turn him in no matter what happened. I mean we all have to join together to help find the killer.”

If you have any information about Goudiaby’s death, contact CrimeStoppers immediately at 317-262-8477. You will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Probably a victim of the teens that went on the rampage this week. We can thank our glorious judicial system for this bullsheet.

    I say to the family in Africa, good luck! In America, your son is just another dead Black man that no one will care about.

    The only way people would've gotten involved is if a white man (or white hispanic as the media likes to make ish up) had killed him and there was a contrived sense of racism involved.

    Blacks who kill Blacks? Who cares!?

  • Missc

    Sorry to say but every comment that was spoken is true
    Including the 2 involved in the crime spree this week would not
    Surprise me if this is not some of there handy work…

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