Local father who has teen daughter on Carnival cruise ship angry over chaos

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As the crippled Carnival cruise ship floated into shore, a frustrated father from Indianapolis drove down to the port in Mobile, Ala. to pick up his 18-year-old daughter, who had been stranded on the ship.

Rusty Adkins said he cannot believe the conditions his daughter Brianna Adkins had to endure.

“It’s not—it’s not a very good situation at all,” said Adkins.  “They’re still pretty deplorable.  The ship’s listed on one side.  Grease and sewage and fluids are building up on one side of the ship.  And she said it’s kind of nasty.”

Brianna was able to call him from the ship and spoke about how hard it was onboard.

“We had to sleep in the hallways, Brianna said.

“Cause it was too hot to sleep. We had an inside cabin.  And it was pitch dark and you can’t see anything. We’ve haven’t, the restrooms only work at certain times.”

Passenger Larry Poret said the sewage is worse than you can even imagine.

“Well, I mean it runs down the walls from one floor to the next,” Poret said.  “It was running out from somebody’s bathroom out into the hallway all the way across, and because we’re sleeping in the hallway, my friend Carmel had to actually change his mattress out for another one because it was laying in the raw sewage.”

No one appeared to be happy with the response from Carnival Cruise Lines regarding how the incident continued to unfold.  Carnival said it’s not going to be over any time soon.

“This is gonna be a long day,” said Carnival Cruise Line V.P. Terry Thornton. “This is not a process that’s gonna happen fast.  There’s no way we can actually speed up the process to get the ship alongside sooner.”

Rusty just can’t wait to hug his daughter again and take her back home to Indianapolis.


  • cjmo2662

    That is nasty on so many levels! It's inexcusable that Carnival didn't arrange with the Coast Guard to transport the passengers to safety- they got a Coast Guard escort, but they should've been transferred off the ship. This article says it was listing to 1 side, which suggests that it's in the process of sinking, with everyone on board. I feel so sorry for all on board, & the hell they've gone through!

  • MeatPlow

    doesn't carnival have an emergency management system that responds to situations like this? something like getting on a different boat via a seagoing ferry? It sounds pretty f'ing simple.

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