Man claims accused teens tried to rob him days earlier

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The 17-year-old accused in Wednesday’s crime spree is still in the hospital and the 15-year-old is in the Juvenile Justice Center.

The two teens at the center of the crime spree Feb. 13 have now been linked to at least four crime scenes.

“They were no strangers to law enforcement,” said police. “They have numerous arrests in the past.”

Two people were shot, one person was killed in a day that included two shootings, an armed robbery and a high-speed chase spanning several Central Indiana counties.

“Was that the SUV that was on the news yesterday? That was them? Oh, that is not good,” said neighbor Frederick Powell.

Investigators searched Eagle Creek for the weapon allegedly used by the teens. That searched came up empty, but a Southport man counts himself lucky after seeing the gun up close.

“Point blank, you can not miss,” said Kenny Winslow. “I did say a prayer to God for looking out after me.”

Winslow was out for his morning walk along Earl Court and Tammy Drive, when a cream colored car pulled up behind him. The car’s passenger got out and began walking toward Winslow.

“So I walk toward him,” said Winslow. “We got within about two or two-and-a-half feet and he reached in and pulled out a pistol and pointed it at my chest and said, ‘Give me your wallet.'”

Thinking the gun was a fake, the retired mailman stood his ground.

“I just reached down and pulled the gun down, to about a 45 degree angle, so if he was going to fire, if it was the real McCoy, a shot would have gone into the ground and not the sidewalk.”

Reporter: “But you thought it was plastic and a replica?”

Winslow: “Yeah, I thought it was plastic.”

Winslow did not give up his wallet, but after hearing what else went on Feb. 13, he was glad he was not the one giving up his life.

“I looked at officer Martinez and I said, ‘I do not think that was a fake pistol.’  He said, ‘Kenny, you got awfully lucky today,'” said Winslow.

John Yingling was not so lucky. He was the man allegedly killed by one of the two teens. Winslow will be helping out investigators at the Juvenile Justice Center. He took part in a line-up to help put a name with the face of the man who allegedly pulled a gun on him.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Even the mammy of one of the punks tried to get the little bastich locked up by pleading with the court system to NOT release him.

    That young and numerous arrest records and they were allowed to continue to be free?

    The question is why? The answer is simple. Their victims, up until now, was probably exclusively Black folks. Blacks who prey on fellow Blacks get far lesser sentences than otherwise.

  • Mettaintheworld

    well, now they've come and messed with the 'white folks' and we aren't havin' that bullsh*t in our nice neighborhoods that we go to work everyday to pay for…

  • SMH at the ignorance

    LOL aww so sorry that the "white folks" were inconvenienced in this matter….you guys are so ignorant. Maybe they got on this site and read some of the comments that the ignorant "white folks" put on here and decided to take their anger out on the innocent "white folks" that they saw walking down the street. Get a clue, grow up…wrong is wrong regardless of color.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar


      In theory that's true but let us examine the Travon Martin case. A black guy, thugged out and looking suspicous, gets shot by a hispanic. The media, stirs up the populace with doctored 911 tapes and new ethnic categories (when it was proven Zimmerman wasn't white but hispanic as originally labeled the media created a 'white hispanic') People, Black and White, get all up in arms about it with marches and protests and death threats!

      Why, even on this site there was a white woman who got her young daughter involved with some sort of demonstration in Indiana.

      Now, my point: These thugs are Black and I guaran-damn-tee their previous victims were Black. There was no nightly coverage of their victims. There were no marches…NOTHING.

      So why the different responses to similar cases? Why no marches for the 3-4 Black men gunned down the past several weeks?

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