Misdemeanor charges filed against Larry Bird’s son in ex-girlfriend altercation

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BLOOMINGTON– Misdemeanor charges have been filed against the son of basketball star Larry Bird in connection with an altercation between the 21-year-old and his ex-girlfriend.

The Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office charged Connor Bird with battery, criminal recklessness and possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana.

Officers with the Indiana University Police Department arrested Bird last Sunday after his ex-girlfriend claimed he attempted to run her over twice with his car following an argument they had in a parking lot near Assembly Hall.

Bird’s attorney, John Tompkins, said prosecutors reduced charges against him after reviewing evidence.  He previously faced a felony charge of intimidation.  However, the charge was dropped because prosecutors said there was no evidence Bird attempted to run the woman over.

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  • Anon

    No one cares this is so lame. Because his dad is rich u self procolamated “journalists” find this newsworthy? This is a joke. Go find a real story

  • DJHB317

    His word against hers. If his dad wouldn't have been rich they would not have gone through any trouble to investigate further, he would have just had to deal with the charge and having a felony the rest of his life. So sad how knowing people and having some money makes you above the law.

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