Officials identify toddler after taking her mother’s boyfriend into custody

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Marion officials have identified a toddler who died while in the care of her mother’s boyfriend.

Arianna Carmack, 2, suffered from what is considered a “flash burn” from an unidentified chemical, the coroner said Thursday. A flash burn is caused by sudden exposure to heat. While the flash burn injuries are considered non-life threatening, officials believe the burns contributed to her death.

Carmack sustained injuries to her head, chest and back area. She also had multiple bruises on her lower extremities, the coroner said, but they appeared to be in the healing stages.

An official cause of death will not be released until toxicology results are available.

The mother’s boyfriend, Donald Riddle, was taken into custody and has been charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death.

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  • C.Hoffa

    If this guy is proven guilty, He needs to have the death penalty – And put to death in the same mannor in which he "allegedy" has murdered this poor innocent child. And if the bruising is caused by the mother – God help her, if it was from the boyfriend, Then he should be beat in the same mannor. What Is Wrong With This World? Did the mother not know what this guy was like around the child? There sure seems like there is much more to this, Just wait until the police are done interviewing him and the mother.

  • Teresa

    What role did the mother play even if she did not cause the bruises? She allowed this monster to be around her children .She is just as to blame as he is.Bless this baby and may she be in peace.

  • Malbri

    Another innocent child does in the care of a random boyfriend. Wake up single moms! Just because he may love you, he might not be capable of taking care of your child.

  • tracy

    THIS……….is why I am a single mom. That was her DAUGHTER. Her baby girl. HOW could she allow her “man” even come close to hurting her baby. What was SUPPOSED to be her world is gone….because of some peice of crap guy. If you are a single mom that is looking for a male figure to be in your childs life……….remember this. YOU can do it alone. No matter how good he looks or as responsible he seems. He is not your childs father. I’m not saying that there are no men out there that
    could take that role…They ARE out there. But it takes a strong woman with good judgement to find a good man for her and her child.

  • Kim Jent

    If he is found guilty, and he probably will be, he should be put to death! If the mother knew or even had any idea the boyfriend wasn't good with the baby…she should not have had him in her life let alone around her little girl! She too should be held accountable and punished!

  • ???

    All the adults in her life failed her. Mother is just as guilty as boyfriend. If a woman has a drug using boyfriend, it is "probably" because she is a drug using mother. The system failed these kids too!

  • Dee Sams

    That poor baby it so so sad, and they should put him to death. Theres people out there that wants kids so bad and can't have them and some just kill the little baby's like there nothing. My prayers our with the rest of the family. God bless .

  • Tye

    If they move the trial out of Marion, he can get the death penalty. There is an old covenant that the courts in Grant co, have to follow. No one can be condemned to death in those courts. Lets hope his lawyers move trial out of town because they think he cant get a fair trial!

  • .anita lloyd

    I am mother to the young lady you are all referring to. I want you to know that this man was not her boyfriend only a friend. She met him through a cousin of hers that he was living with, he babysit the cousins children all the time, no one was ever hurt. Was she to think that her children were any different? She saw he took care of her cousins children and they were not harmed. so just to set the record straight she has a boyfriend and it was not that monster. The coroner has not released a autopsy report so how are people saying he said this and that, not so, we will be the first to find out after the police not the media

    • Anonymous

      If you just said she saw him babysit other kids and they were never harmed . Then why do you think don did it ? She may be your daughter but she needs questioned too !

  • annonymous

    Anita, sorry, but there is absolutely no excuse for this, if you have a child, grow the hell up and make that baby your priority or look into adoption options. If your daughter was too high, or selfish, or ignorant, to make taking care of a helpless little 2 yr old baby a priority, then she and anyone else involved deserve prison, lest she bring more innocent angels into this earth to allow them to suffer. No. Excuse. You and your family should try learning about responibility.

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