Police confirm juveniles are suspects in multiple crimes, including homicide

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metropolitan police provided an update on the Wednesday crime spree that ended in a chase and crash near Brownsburg.

Police confirmed that the 15- and 17-year-old juveniles taken into custody following the crash are suspects in the murder of 38-year-old John Yingling on the south side. Police also said the teens are suspects in the shooting that injured Rex Souter, a man who was shot while walking his dog in the Eagle Creek area.

As part of Wednesday’s crime spree, the teens are accused of stealing a car. Police said they were also involved in an attempted robbery on Earl Drive/Tammy Drive on the south side in which a jogger said the teens approached him and tried to rob him at gunpoint. He fought them off. Earlier, the teens are accused of another robbery in the 5800 block of Sapelo Drive in which they took a woman’s purse and lunch sack after hitting her in the head.

Police released this timeline of the events from Wednesday:

  • 7:33 a.m. – Woman robbed in the 5800 block of Sapelo Drive
  • 7:40 a.m. – Attempted robbery of jogger at Earl Drive/Tammy Drive
  • 8:08 a.m. – Robbery and shooting that killed John Yingling on Babette Court
  • 9:33 a.m. – Man shot while walking dog in Eagle Creek area
  • 11:15 a.m. – Police chase and crash in Brownsburg

The teens could be involved in other crimes, police said. Currently, the only arrest made in the spree is related to the Sapelo Drive robbery. Police emphasized that the teens are suspects in the other crimes but have not been charged. Additional charges are likely.

The 17-year-old suspect is currently in the hospital, investigators said. Both suspects have had multiple run-ins with the law.

Police don’t believe the teens were involved in a north side robbery at a Chase Bank Wednesday morning. After that robbery, witnesses had spotted a vehicle similar to the blue SUV the teens were driving. At this point, the crime appears unrelated.

Police said there was no indication that the suspects were involved in gang activity.

Investigators said the investigation is ongoing. Thursday morning, Indianapolis Fire Department divers spent several hours in Eagle Creek in an attempt to recover the handgun used to kill Yingling.


  • Dana

    Our justice system is useless. I would like Fox to find out why these boys weren't in juvenile. With 30 some charges between them and some of them violent crimes? I live in Southport. I live here because we don't have crime like this. If something would have been done about their prior charges this never would have happened!

    • joe-joe2

      The juvenile center is a joke. I was a victim and made sure I attended each hearing of the two boys who burglarized my house. If I wouldn't have been there to object…………..they would have been returned home immediately (that was probations recommendation).
      I'd encourage EACH victim/family to demand to be advised of each scheduled hearing. The young prosecutor didn't even know the law and was shocked everytime I spoke up.

  • Wiseone

    Youith today have no respect and life will always be hard for them, this does not seem like a good choice to make. Of course this was learned at home, reinforced at school, and no family unit for support. Gals stop flat backing it and close your legs, for the kids sake.

      • MisC

        If females wouldn't open their legs– thinkin they were gonna trap a dude it wouldn't be a problem– Females are just as much to blame as men! Or maybe you are one of those dumba$$ females who flat backing it and got 5 kids by 5 different baby daddys, don't be shitty because Wiseone is making a good point!

  • Rick

    Weak judge and prosecutor will have them back on the street in no time. Too bad that one of their victims was not legally armed and ready. Bet these boys didn't pull over for the police because their pants were hanging to low to get to the brake pedal !!

    • Bob

      Read on another story that apparently the one who was murdered by these thugs was armed. The police and family cannot find his gun that he always carried. It is looking like these sad excuses for human beings took it after they killed him.

  • angi

    can't wait to see their mommy pleading on the news tonight at 10. plead on horrible mom. most of us want your kid dead. worthless.pieces.of.sh*t.

  • MisC

    Obviously, these kids are idiots— But who is anyone to assume it's their parents faults?!? I'M NOT SAYING IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT! I'm just saying a parent can raise thier children to the best of their ability and their kid can still turn out to be a pos! Truth be told.. the parents probably played a huge role in them turning into "thugs" but hey– maybe not?!

    The kids needed a good ass beating a loooong time ago!! Maybe when they sit in prison the rest of their lives and become Big Bubbas main one they will be like " man… wtf was i thinking?!?!?"

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