Police: Man left son alone inside car while he went to smoke pot

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INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis man faces a neglect charge after police said he left his 3-year-old son inside a car unattended for 30 minutes while he went to smoke pot with some friends.

Police arrested Ronald Albrecht, 33, following the Wednesday morning incident.

Officers were dispatched to Garden City Trailer Park near Rockville Road for a welfare check. According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, someone called police to say the child had been left alone inside the car for about 30 minutes. Investigators said the boy has been diagnosed with autism.

Police found Albrecht in a nearby mobile home with friends. According to the report, the officer smelled marijuana inside.

When officers encountered Albrecht, he told them in “a nervous manner” that his son had been alone in the car for about five minutes. He then continued to change how long the child had been inside, the report said.

When asked why he’d left his son alone, Albrecht said “he did not want his son to be inside the residence while he was engaged in smoking marijuana,” the report said.

The child was inside what police described as a filthy truck interior. He was not wearing any shoes and officers described his condition as “unkempt,” the report said. The temperature outside was about 28 degrees, police said.

The 3-year-old boy was taken to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, where staff said his diaper was full and his clothes were dirty. The staff also said it appeared that the boy hadn’t eaten a meal, the report said.


  • "Thor"

    Yeah sure, lets leagalize this drug since we see time and time again there are no safety concerns. Stupid people are everywhere.

  • charles

    Not all pot smokers leave their kids in a car unattended. Dont blame a harmless plant for this guy being a deadbeat dad and a moron

      • GGR

        Not true. Marijuana does not CAUSE idiocy. Only a stupid fool would do this to a child, whether smoking, drinking or dead sober. The plant is harmless, this man is not. I have been smoking for nearly 40 years, have raised 3 kids, 3 stepkids, am raising 2 grandchildren and have NEVER 'become' this stupid, nor am I naturally. Go find another cause Thor. You can't even dream of winning this argument.

      • "Thor"

        Don't forget all the people who are murdered because of this "harmless" plant. You may be the exception, but I was once into this scene and some friends I had are dead because of this "harmless" plant. You can spin this anyway you want, but there is no excaping the fact that death and this "harmless" plant go hand in hand. We have a few states where time will tell (about two years) if the violent crime rate that surrounds this "harmless" plant goes down or not. Based on several years of the problems in CA I doubt it will. To think that you believe that inhaling smoke, tar, and other chemicals does not harm the body is ignorance.

      • Shadow

        Your a fucking idiot, your friends were killed cause marijuana is illegal. If it was legal they wouldn't have got into that mess, I can go into any school, middle or high school and FIND MARIJUANA EASILY. It's very easy to find, and very easy to get robbed, and even killed. Since it is underground people kill for profit, and gain much more often. To say otherwise is uneducated, and illogical it holds no water. If I could go out and pick the stickiest, most skunky bud FOR FREE, why would anyone else not do the same if that's what they wanted? If I grew enough I'd give it away for free, I'd drive around stop people ask if they smoked, if so I'd throw them a free bag and be on my way. I made someone else happy, and I possibly made their day. If it was legal jobs would be made, and crime would drop you know this. Look at Portugal, they treat ALL DRUGS as a medical standpoint rather than criminal. If it was legal here people could grow some, and have it sold to stores to sustain themselves even more. No people will rob a guy for 2000-5000 for a pound when the guy will just grow it himself, thus not making him have to go through that deal. Then there will be factories where people will have to maintain it, cultivate it, and cure it. To say it being legal would cause problems is not a valid statement. Prohibition is a double headed snake, it raises the price lowers the quality, leads to false information think some kid could smoke pot see its harmless then they will try heroin, coke, crack, etc., it's killed several tens of thousands of police officers in bad deals, lead to us being to having the most people incarcerate per capita IN THE WORLD. A guy goes to jail for pot, gets labeled a felon, a guy rapes a child, he gets a slap on the wrist. You people are nuts to not see the idocracy at work here on the marijuana laws, WAKE UP AMERICA!

      • "Thor"

        "To say it being legal would cause problems is not a valid statement."

        Why? Booze would be a good example of the dangers of legaliztion. Government control to grow weed increases the costs plus the red tape you would have to spend a lot of time with also increses the price, inspections about soil, equipment, records you keep, quality, % of THC, sanitation, etc. Plus you think that the drug cartels on our bouder (unlike Portugal) will just roll over and go along. Plus, instead of buying it just come to your house and rob you or kill you.

        You my friend is the mooncalf.

    • Lisa

      I agree fully with you. No matter what the subject at hand, there will be those who make poor decision. NO young child should be left unattended for any amount of time. I am sure that most responsible, educated adults see through this story for what it is, and that is. I think too often marijuana is demonized and promoted as such. As with most things, anyone can make poor decision and responsibility falls upon the individual.

  • Luke

    Weed has never killed anyone. and its not legal.. Cigarettes kill people daily But they will sell the h*ll out of that. Makes no sense

    • "Thor"

      Statistically, death directly from marijuana overdose is extremely rare. The CDC reports that between 1999 and 2007, there were 26 deaths with marijuana as an underlying cause, in the United States. This was out of a counted population of 2,615,523,905. When it comes to smoking, most statistics say it will take about 800 joints in a short period of time to actually overdose a person to the point of death. A person should be vomiting or passed out well before this point. When used long term, the smoke itself does contain chemicals that can eventually cause respiratory issues, such as COPD or cancer.

      Secondary from overdose, the CDC and the National Highway Traffic Administration have shown that in the 1990s, nearly 20% of drivers killed in traffic incidents had narcotics in their system. During autopsy, the most common drug present was marijuana. This was followed by cocaine, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines. In the 2000s, the number appears to be closer to 25%.

      Recently, there are newer "marijuana" synthetics on the market. They are known by names such as K2 or Spice. These are actually directly proving to be much more dangerous than natural marijuana, and there are fatalities being directly related to overdose.

  • J. S.

    This is SAD .. Im tired of hearing about "parents" negelicting their kids or kids that arent even theirs!! Plus they didnt mention that the trailor park is RIGHT next door to an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL …

  • debbie

    u dum f- – – – what is wrong with u smoking weed is more important than ur child people like that need to be jail along time with no prohbation

  • FutureIsOnUs

    He chose to leave his child to go smoke weed he didnt smoke and then leave the child so the "effect" of weed didn't cause this, his ignorance did!

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