Convicted child molester beaten to death at correctional facility

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A convicted child molester is believed to have been beaten to death at the New Castle Correctional Facility.

Jeremiah Taylor was found at the bottom of a stairwell inside the prison Thursday. He was taken to an area hospital and then flown to Methodist Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Taylor had been incarcerated at New Castle since July of 2012, and was serving eight years for a conviction on a Child Molest charge out of Noble County.

An investigation into his death is underway.


  • Commenter

    These stories always bring out the lunacy of the uninformed. If any of you think prison is such a wonderful place, just pray that you, your son, brother etc., never have to go. The uninformed would probably spend the first few days cleaning out their shorts after the door slams shut and quietly cry themselves to sleep. Not the tough perfect people though. And don't dare continue to claim your innocence–no one will believe you, because they're all guilty, let God sort'em out, ain'tat rat? These are the people that can tell you how to win wars and would NEVER take the oath and put on the uniform, much less go to war. Also remember, if you have EVER touched or had relations, involving sex, with someone under sixteen, including your girlfriend, your first experience or whatever, YOU ARE A CHILD MOLESTER, PERVERT, sex offender, and all the things you claim to hate, revile and want dead, under todays laws. So one would have to wonder, did you never do it, or did you get by with it? Just a question. If you think about it, it could provide a new perspective about who deserves to get beat to death, tortured or other means.

    • jjj

      No one even bothered to look at the circumstances of this guy's case, they all just just assume.

      I did, took some searching but I found it. He admitted to molesting a pre-schooler.

      I still think people should show his family some respect but it's just the internet, no one would say it to their faces.

      • rwsmom

        Unfortunately a lot of these type of offenders take plea bargains to get a lesser sentence. Some that take a plea are not necessarily guilty, just know that they can't fight the system.

  • Kimber

    Fuck that Nasty Ass MothaFucka & his family. Shit he got what HE DESERVED & I believe now the family of the child he molested is finally at PEACE so am I…1 less pervert in the world

  • cjmo2662

    Inmates should dispense this type of justice more often! The best part of all this is, he will never get the chance to victimize any more helpless children! Woo-hoo!

  • guest

    hhahahahahaha good thts what chomos get in prisn he shoulda seen it coming hey prob warned im in county now excuse while i have a toast tothis

  • gammafirebug

    It always amazes me how people take the time and effort to type a stupid word like y'all in their comments.

  • nicole

    My fiance is in New Castle serving 6 years for having consentual sex with a girl that he really liked from the same church. She was 15 and he was 21. She did what she could to keep him out. Consequntely he is serving time and is classified as a sex offender. If i threw every man i had sex with before i was 18 in jail, there would be 2 men sitting in there. One would be the father of my 10 year old daughter, who is a great guy. My fiance is a great guy as well. He has a good heart, would never harm a child or person, and would give the shirt off his back for a stranger. Knowing that he is in the same facility and it could have been him in the headlines makes me sick to my stomach. I do believe people should pay for their actions, but it does upset me that it hits so close to home. My prayers go out to this mans family and to his victims as well.

  • John Browning

    I thought I was going to see a different name in this story. The scumbag I know in the clink for child molesting loves to pick fights in prison. I saw this headline and would have bet money he had picked a fight he couldn't finish.

  • Ohio Parent

    To all of you protesting so loudly against the SO..pray you are never in the situation with a family member. For those of you on the SO's side, thank you for your open mindedness. Our children are educated at an early age about "touching". Parents beware…if you upset your child or they become rebellious, you could end up in the same situation. I believe that SOs are this decade's Salem Witches. Just remember folks that all of us that got to first, second, third and even home base when dating and under the age of legal consent could be in jail as SOs. Read the law regarding SO, especially Gross Sexual Imposition. .. Dad, if you wrestle with your child and touch a "zone" and some one sees and reports you…you have a good chance of being labeled and on a registry for life. It's time to realize that not everyone wearing this label is a monster. Like Chuck N said, many take a plea because it's the lesser of two evils; how do you fight against a sweet, little child??? There is a PUBLIC registry for sex crimes but none for arsonists, murderers, or any other crime. I don't know about you but I'd like to know if someone near me may kill me or burn my home down if they get upset with me or just upset period. For me the bottom line is…if we as PARENTS would WATCH/SUPERVISE our children SOs wouldn't be a threat because the children would not be UNATTENDED!!!!

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