Man charged with branding kids who asked for tattoos

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WINCHESTER – A Union City man is accused of branding three children with a hot medallion after they asked for a tattoo.

Jason M. Mangas, 28, was charged Wednesday with three counts of neglect of a dependent.branding

According to a probable cause affidavit, Mangas was taking care of his four children and a family friend in January when his 8-year-old daughter asked if she could get a tattoo. Mangas then put a medallion on a space heater until it was hot and “placed the medallion on her arm, burning an impression of the medallion,” according to court documents.

Investigators said the piece left a burn on the girl’s arm that was about three inches by five inches. The 8-year-old girl said her 14-year-old brother and her brother’s 14-year-old friend were also branded.

According to court documents, the “branding” left “burns and scabbing” on the children. Investigators said Mangas put the children in a situation that could endanger their health.

An investigator from the Department of Child Services observed a cursory “brand” on a fourth child. The child’s mother said the boy ran away when the metal touched his skin.

Mangas faces a June 3 trial date in the case. Mangas had already been ordered to go on home detention in connection with a 2010 break-in.


  • 'Thor'

    The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. Rings in people's noses (just like we did hogs on the farm), tattoos on their faces, green/orange/pink hair,etc. They look like carnival freaks. It makes me laugh out loud at what they do to themselves.

    • Steve Haddix

      I don't think that the issue here is body modification amongst consenting adults, the issue is that this idiot took it upon himself to permanently scar unwilling children. "Can I get a tattoo daddy?" is the kind of question tons of kids ask their parents to get under their skin (no pun intended), that doesn't require the ADULT in the situation to brand his (and other) children…When my daughter asks for a tattoo(and at 3, she does), we draw one on her with washable markers. Not a red hot pendant.

    • Clayton

      I am going to say neglect as he neglected having the mental capacity to know better. He didn't abuse them they asked for it.

      • SMT

        how in the hell can you justify that comment? these are children, if they ask for anything that could harm them, as a parent, it is a parents job to protect children. Mental capacity, no where does it state he was declared mentally unstable, therefore, he knew what he was doing. Your comment seems as if you would approve of a child asking for a smoke and you would give it to them.

  • C.Hoffa

    I just want to know Who put the Idiot Juice In the water supply? This guy is already on "Mangas had already been ordered to go on home detention in connection with a 2010 break-i" Just wonder if this could count as Strike 3? – Since he did this to multiple children.This guy needs to be put away for a very long time and as far away from children as possible.

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