Unlicensed operator tied to infant death probe says it was a dream to own daycare

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The owner and operator of an unlicensed home daycare in Carmel, Ind. said it has always been a dream to care for children and open up her own daycare.

A biography of Stacey Cox on her daycare’s official website states she worked as a nurse, before leaving her career to focus on caring for children.

An emergency restraining order was filed against Cox, requiring the daycare to cease operation.  The motion comes after the death of a 5-month-old infant, who was found unresponsive in a broken, collapsible crib on Jan. 24.

Later that day, Cox and her daughter/co-worker, Kirsten Phillips, underwent a drug screen and tested positive for marijuana use, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The State alleges Cox operated the daycare illegally and had more than five children in the home daycare.  Other health and safety issues were also cited in the complaint, including sleeping children left unattended in the home’s basement by the caregivers and space heaters and a gallon container of bleach within reach of young children.

According to Cox’s bio, she states she has been a daycare owner since April 2009.

Read her biography in its entirety below:

cox daycare bio


    • Sarah

      Um… She had pot in her system while parents PAID her to watch their babies. Notice I didn't say she was smoking it with them there. She was irresponsible. Parents deserve to know.

      • SLM987

        AND let's not forget she had her license taken away and ordered to cease and desist running a daycare in 2012. That stemmed from an investigation of another child injured in their care. And they were found with kids unattended in the basement with bleach and space heaters within reach. yep I'm ready to go ahead and hang her.

  • Liz

    It is interesting that she is not licensed as a nurse in Indiana. Only a CNA and QMA – there is a big difference between LPN/RN and CNA. It she was licensed as a nurse in another state it would be good to see if she had any action against her license.

  • Shelby

    Marijuana isn't all that bad. 89% of the world tries Marijuana atleast once in there life. I understand that a Child died due to suffocation, but don't blame Marijuana, if it was "Pill's, Cocaine, Meth, Ext. I would understand why that would be a problem, but for a "Plant" that was here before any of us were… That god created… I see on World new's everyday about how Parent's beat there Children, or Torture them just because they are having a withdraw from a "Drug"… thing's like this happen all the time, but when "Marijuana" come's up they are accused of everything, without a word to be said. The point is these ladies didn't mean for the Child to suffocate, well atleast hasn't been proven as a fact yet. I rather someone who smoke's a joint when they are on there own free time, then someone that take's a pain pill on the job… look at thing's from the person that is being accused, and tell me wrong.

    • SLM987

      First, I would like to know where you got your 89% statistics from. Secondly, even if that statistic was correct, I would be willing to suspect 89% of the world didn't try marajuana while caring for children!
      The article doesn't say anywhere that the child suffocated. And I don't think anyone has yet implied these scum intended for the child to die, but their gross neglect of the children in their care was compounded by drug use.
      Personally I'd prefer a person who isn't smoking a joint OR taking a pain pill caring for a child of mine (funny how that isn't an option for you)
      If you want to smoke pot on your own free time, that's your business, but while caring for chilldren, it is not appropriate, responsible, or legal in IN. In what state of mind, is it ok to do inappropriate, irresponsible, and illegal things around people's children you are paid to entrust the care of?

      • Mil

        Where did it state they smoked pot while caring for the children? I read they tested positive for marijuana but that does not mean they were under the influence while caring for children. They claimed it was a probable cause so I would think something was found? I do believe these girls ran an illegal daycare & should be held responsible for the laws broken here…I'm not understanding how the parents of these children did not know she was not licensed or ever suspect improper care if this was ever a previous issue?! You can NEVER be to cautious when it comes to the safety of your own children today…

      • SLM987

        It didn't say they were, I was more responding to Shelby than the article.
        Regardless, if I get drug tested at my job, and fail, they won't care if I smoked it between 8-5 or after 5, and my profession isn't taking care of children.When the prior issue happened in September/October nothing happened with it other than they lost their license and got a cease and desist. The judge wouldnt do anything criminally to them since it was their first incident (reported) and nobody followed up to make sure they ceased and desisted. It's actually a little strange, this baby died Jan 24 and they just reported it on the news on 2/15. Hell the police investigated there 2/4 (after the death of the baby) and saw they were still operating. I guess what I am getting at is if its not been released to the media, and they were still operating as normal, the families that were already using them may not have known about the first incident and that they lost their license that they may have verified prior. _

    • Truthsayer

      I love the "God created it" argument. Then God created poison ivy too, but you don't see people rolling around in it, or rolling it and smoking it. You stupid moron, Shelby

  • None ya

    Of course the news stretches out the truth. The crib was not broken it was a pack n play with a few holes in the netting. Investigation is still pending on the baby but autopsy revealed most likely SIDS not malpractice. The children all napped in the basement with a video monitor on them and the door opened its a small house and they weren’t neglected. Let’s be honest none of our houses would pass the safety daycare laws. Unless the bleach was locked up in a cupboard you don’t pass code. It’s easy to get riled up by this story but once you know the truth you know they loved these kids more than anything and they were never stone or high around the kids. It’s a shame how the media is turning them into monsters because quite frankly they are leaving out some important key facts. Remember last year the toddler that was neglected at a church daycare and was found drowned to death in a baptismal pool? That’s neglect and that place should be shut down.

    • Pissed off mom.

      If you think media is stretching this case…. WHY didn't she stop having her daycare when the state sent a cease order in October?? Obviously things weren't good.
      Oh yeah, and the BASEMENT where the children were kept was a filthy utility room that smelled like mold, had cob webs everywhere and these poor children sleeping under pipes and next to the furnace! Where are THESE facts "none ya?"

    • MeatPlow

      If my house was going to be used as a daycare it WOULD pass all the laws. that's the difference between someone who takes the job seriously and one who doesn't and tries to skate by. If they followed the laws there would be one more baby in the world. I say that only because they wouldn't have been operating illegally.

      Baptismal pool…? wtf does that have to do with this. idiot.

  • SLM987

    You are an idiot None ya….It's pretty awesome that you have first hand knowledge of the autopsy How disrespectful to the parents of the passed baby to act like these scumbags did nothing wrong and their baby just died of SIDS and that daycare was perfect. You should be ashamed belittling the death of an innocent baby.
    If they weren't neglected how did they first child in October get major injuries to her??? I saw the inuries and I wish I could post pics of them here. Those injuries didnt happen in a few seconds and that baby had to be screaming her head off. But noooo they weren't neglected.
    The fact that you are ok with bleach being in a child's reach shows you definitely should never be caring for children.
    I have spent some time in my life working in the law enforcement field and one of the first things guilty people do is deflect. I would be willing to guess you are either one of the daycare people or a relative. We are talking about these scumbags, not the church daycare.

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