UPDATE: EMT was killed in ambulance crash this morning, 2nd EMT in critical condition

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UPDATE: Officials have confirmed one EMT has died following the crash. He has been identified as 24-year-old Timothy McCormick. A second EMT is listed in critical condition at Wishard.

McCormick’s was Indy EMS’ first line of duty death and will be treated just like a firefighter or police death.

Officials say that both EMTs were wearing their seat belts. The investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing. The driver of the other car, a 21-year-old woman, is being interviewed. No charges have yet been filed.


Two Indianapolis paramedics were rushed to the hospital, after their ambulance was hit by a car at the intersection of Senate and St. Clair St.

The accident happened just after 3:30 Saturday morning. A witness described it to Fox 59 as an “explosion,” the impact was so hard. The ambulance flipped on its side, slid a half block and smashed into parked cars.

Investigators spent several hours at the scene. Police indicated that the car had come through the light at St. Clair St. and hit the ambulance as it traveled south on Senate. That light was flashing red on St. Clair and investigators were looking into whether or not the driver tried to stop.

Both paramedics had to be extricated from the ambulance. They were transported to Wishard Hospital in critical condition. Emergency personnel on the scene described it as a very difficult situation, given that the victims were EMT’s and known to many in the public safety community.

The driver of the SUV was conscious and taken to Wishard for a blood draw. An initial police report indicated that an officer on the scene described smelling alcohol on the breath of the 21-year-old female driver. FACT, the Marion Co. Fatal Alcohol Crash Team, was on scene investigating alcohol as a potential factor.

A news conference is scheduled for Noon, when Indianapolis EMS will provide updated information on the crash.


  • tricksterwolf

    It's just horrible for the world lose such a nice guy, and so young.

    My thoughts and wishes are with the families of all involved.

  • kingybuizel

    I was never lucky enough to me this clearly wonderful person. this warm and caring soul who put his own life at risk to help others. To all his friends I am sorry for your loss. to his family I am sorry for your loss and i would like to tank them for raising such a wonderful person. I know in my heart he is looking down on everyone with that big bright warm smile and I know he will keep doing his best to help and save others. God bless him and may he rest in peace.

  • Pitboss75

    God Bless the Brother who lost his life to day and may God protect the other one who is fighting for his life. I express my deepest sympathy to all the families involved with this incident.

  • Kathleen White, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Brothers in arms aren’t limited to our military personnel. In paramedicine we are also brothers (and sisters) in arms. When one falls we all feel the loss, no matter where in the world they happen to be. Know that the paramedics of Nova Scotia, Canada are saddened by the loss of one of our own. May the family and friends of both of these men know that that they will always be heros to those they helped and to those who continue to put their lives at risk to help others in need.

  • Stephen

    I will never understand, why people will argue back and forth to each other in comments. It is stupid and very disrespectful, especially to the persons or person involved in the "tragedy" (Topic or Post) to begin with!

  • Old Dog

    From a heart-broken friend and coworker, I miss you already.

    "Can you lay your life down, so a stranger can live?
    Can you take what you need, but take less than you give?
    Could you close every day, without the glory and fame?
    Could you hold your head high, when no one knows your name?
    That's how legends are made, at least that's what they say.

    We say goodbye, but never let go.
    We live, we die, cause you can't save every soul.
    Gotta take every chance to, show that you're the kinda man who;
    Will never look back, never look down,
    and never let go…"

  • tang3307

    My heart goes out to Mr Mccormick's family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. No words can help the pain but always hope they do. For the other PARAMEDIC YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART AND TO THE FAMILY LOVE WILL HOLD YOU TOGETHER DONT FORGET THAT…….

  • guest

    What a terrible trgedy for the city of Indianapolis. A professional has lost his life trying to save another life. There is the second paramedic hanging on to life by a thread. My son is a paprmedicc for the city of Indianapolis and he is hurting real bad over this terrible accident. These people ridk there lives every day trying to save the lives of those in need. The training that these peeople ehave to go through is grueling and gruesome, not just anyone can make it through this course. After they make it then they are overworked and very underpaid. May God bless and protect those left behind to mourn the loss of this professional. For the paramedic who is still alive fighting for his life may God be with you.

  • John M

    It is amazing to me the ignorance of some within this great city I live. An EMT lost his life while on duty, his partner may come to his death as well. However instead of comments of support, some choose to use the forum to challenge media knowledge, question police, etc.

    And the best… "Who will pay for the ambulance" are you serious? That comment alone sounds like one of our FINE City County Council members, idiot! I hope one day you have an emergency need for one of these city professionals and maybe then, just maybe you will come to have a slight amount of respect for these men and women.

    R.I.P young man.

  • Ems Worker

    Thoughts & prayers for the families involved in this tragic accident. Also praying for all EMS families.
    God Bless you all for the work you do.

  • Old Dog

    I've been reading comments here, and in several other forums. I'm so saddened by the events that have produced these many comments. As a friend and coworker of these two wonderful guys from Medic 50, it truly eases the burden of our loss to read the posts supporting Timmy and everyone else. Thank you!

    There will be plenty of time for finger pointing and gnashing of teeth later. Right now, its time to recover from the shock and horror of today's events. Though we will never forget today, I know my EMS family will rally and will put the hurt behind them like we have to do from time to time. Please, keep your negative comments off hear for a day or two. Again, thank you! Servare vitas

  • John

    I knew Tim personally. Thanks to the drunk driver who took him from me and the rest of his friends, I hope this is a lesson to anyone who thinks about picking up the keys after having a few too many. Not only did you take a life, you took someone's friend, someone's son, and someone's lover. You destroyed many relationships, all for your own inability to take responsibility for your actions. I'm just glad that you will be soon.

  • kingybuizel

    I would also like to send out prays and best wishes to the family and friends of the second EMT. may he recover fully and stay with those who love him so dearly

  • Tammy

    As a retired Canadian EMT, my heart goes out to the Paramedics, families, & co-workes. Although we all know the risks and hazards involved in our profession, it's always so sad to hear about incidents like this. My thoughts and prayers to all, from Canada. You are both heros!

  • bam

    I wonder if he was the rude paramedic that came to my house and was the rudest one I ever seen..if so, he was a rude person with patients called em liars and when he wheeled pt down the hall he made sure you hit the linen bins with a broke foot.. I think paramedics need to be taught to listen to pt and RESPECT the house they come into..I could see if the pt was on drugs our drunk but with broke bones..if it wasn’t the mouthy disrespectful jerk I encountered, sorry but I just had to speak of how rude they can be and hope when the next class of medics can be taught to respect ppl they are suppose to help

    • Lucille

      Wow this is not the time for you to complain about the service you felt you received. If your service was so intolerable then you should have filed a complaint. To post that on a day with such tragedy and loss is very immature and selfish. SHAME ON YOU! We are mourning the loss of a young man who was taken from this world, and the heart beak his family is enduring today. For once Mr. Selfish think about if it was your family or loved one that was taken to no fault of their own. Im sure his friends and family read these post for comfort from the community and it is sad that unintelligent people as yourself place post such as you did to further distress this family. RIP Timothy and may GOD BLESS.

  • Jennifer

    I really want to say I hope the fry the idiot who was so selfish to get behind the wheel when she was so drunk she could not see a red light and a huge ambulance coming at her, but from what I have heard about these 2 young men, they were very loving caring young men and I don't think the want their memory in vengeance but I defiantly he there is justice!

  • guest NYS

    May there be enough family and fellow EMS personnel to support both the families involved in this terible loss and hopefully there is a CISM teamavailable to work with all involved or suffering from this loss, God speed McCormick to his heavenly home, and heal all who need help right now. I have also lost an EMS brother in this event as have all who choose this as their career. God Bless

  • Silver H.

    Timothy McCormick,

    A Hero to many and a very honorable and happy go lucky friend.
    I am so sorry for this tragic accident but we must remember.

    We all take an oath when we wear a badge, weather its fire.. police..medical and more.. that we put others lives before ours at all costs during an emergency and that's all that Tim ever did.

    To his friends and family,

    I am so sorry for your loss as i know how bright spirit and
    warm-hearted Timothy was. I only wish I was not so far so i could be there to wish him a good farewell so I say from here,

    Today my flags are half massed and a moment of silence will be made in your honor,

    May you forever rest in peace my friend.


  • Laura

    After this weekends tragedy, it is high time our law makers review the penalties for people who drive under the influence and take a life.

  • don ormiston

    to our brother that has left us and our brother that is fighting hard to stay god bless you both, my heart goes out to the families, friend and collegues, I will pray for all involved, the world is worse for this loss, take care my brothers, from an Australian paramedic

  • FirstRes

    They and their families are in my prayers, I am only a First Responder but deeply respect my fellow EMS brothers. May God be with all involved.

  • Sharon Boughner

    The driver who hit them must have been going awfully fast to hit them hard enough it sounded like "an explosion" and to knock the ambulance on its side. If she was driving intoxicated, I hope they throw the book at her!! Condolences to the families and co-workers of the two EMTs, This was senseless and unnecessary.

    • Guest

      Did you ever consider the fact that maybe the ambulance was speeding? She had just turned onto the street, she couldn't have been going that fast. And a car that small doesn't have the ability to do that much damage all on it's own.

  • MindfulWhisper

    We were lucky enough to have him ride with my son to the hospital when my son was having seizures… My son was screaming because his head was hurting and he was able to calm him down and made sure the siren wasn't blaring… He was a good person and I'm glad God gave him the opportunity to be here for us and for other people who may have needed him when they did… He served a purpose and people forget that about EMTs and Paramedics… that they are important people that deserve more recognition… It upsets me that people don't think about the fact that he cared is why he was doing what he did when it happened… all anyone seems to care about is money… AGAIN.

  • JustinBieberlake

    Never knew the guy, my condolences.

    However, there shalt be no sympathy for a drunk driver, man/woman. If true, it's one last "Disgusting" dog faced GoGo troglodyte "Get-Drunk-Get-Drugged-Pile-In-A-Car" party-goer don't-give-a-f*ck-attitude havin imbecile getting "Hard Time" for living "Too Fast in the Fast Lane." I can hear mommy lamenting about her defective daughter, echoing through the chambers of space and time.

  • Ray

    I am a paramedic and have been one for 32yrs and as a professional I find it hard to be annoyed with what people call me. I have respect from the entire EMS and as long as patients trust me I am happy….My condolences to the family (station) for the loss,( I have seen it several times) and best wishes for recovery to the second medic…… My thoughts also go out to the other driver ….This is not a time for blame but reflection of their lives

  • keyohaze

    R.I.P guys.
    God Bless you both.
    I was hoping to meet you at some point Timothy McCormick, as we shared a big interest, but that sadly won't happen now, or at least not in this life time. God Bless you brother.
    God Bless, Godspeed and R.I.P to two remarkable young men.

  • Raymond Cannefax

    We have developed technology that we are currently testing that will help prevent accidents such as this and eliminate the senseless loss of lives of those who service us in emergency situations.

  • Terry

    It was really sorry to hear that at this time the victims were the EMTs that known as the public safety community. And it was happened just because of the drugs.

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