Man arrested after baby’s suspicious death

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INDIANAPOLIS — A 20-year-old man is in jail after police said a 4-month-old baby in his care was found unresponsive Thursday afternoon.

Police were called to the 3600 block of North Euclid Avenue, where a baby girl was found not breathing.

Medics transported the infant to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Once she arrived, homicide detectives were notified of suspicious and ultimately fatal injures.

The child was pronounced deceased Saturday afternoon.

Following an investigation, Jared Tapley, the boyfriend of the baby’s mother, was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail, where he is awaiting formal charges.


  • Mommy4realy

    As a single mother I want to sympathize with this woman. But women get it together do not leave your children with a damn man go isn't their father. Clearly no judgement is being used wether the father is involved or not making a boy who isn't the father of the children. What has to be wrong with these females to make them think this okay.

    • vanilla2014

      I agree. What is wrong with these women leaving a newborn baby with a "boyfriend". He couldnt of been her boyfriend for long being that the baby is 4 months. Errrr it really p's me off!

  • cjmo2662

    This is happening way too often! When are women going to learn, if their boyfriend has a violent temper, DO NOT leave your child in his care or you may come home to a dead baby! Even if it is the baby's father, many of them can't be trusted, either! I raised my son by myself, without a man; who the hell needs them? They aren't worth what you have to put up with.

    • xanonx

      So youre going to throw all men under the bus bc of dumb asses that youve dated and ignorant people like this guy? makes sense.

  • Guest

    He is not even a violent person he wouldnt harm anybody and she shouldn't have left her child anyways she is its mother she either should have tooken the baby with her or not left at all my prayers stay with him her and their families

  • Teresa

    So what's the count for dead children this week Indiana? Come on let's get real about people who abuse and kill children and their punishments.

  • Jane Doe

    This story is crazy!! Too many of my facebook friends say that they knew him and he wasnt this or that but clearly you didnt know him too well because he killed an innocent 4month old baby!!! Stop making up excuses for the guy!! He did whatever he did let god deal with him and this doesnt just happen in INDIANA!! It's not ALL MEN either because I know my father wouldnt do anything like this or my brother.

  • guest

    Women please wise up. It takes a mature man to deal with a woman who has children. I'm in my forties with 3 children and I never left my children alone while I worked with any man, not because I didn't trust them, but because it wasn't their responsibility. I believe in the majority of these cases, the women are going out working while the boyfriend stays at home. First of all he's probably mad that he may not have a job. Secondly on top of staying home he now has to watch a child that does not belong to him, who is probably interrupting his sleep/tv/video game time. If you have to chose between being alone while raising your children, or being with a man or woman who may or may not like your children, put your children first. They were there first and deserve better.

    • Mica

      For all those who are commenting on the fact you have no idea what is going on with this situation so you have no room to comment I am part of the family.. So If you have nothing positive to say don’t say it all because you don’t know what we are going through right now!!!

  • Shaunte

    We all should just pray for the family and hope justice is done and ask God to have mercy on this innocent babies soul I'm a mother of a 14 month old baby boy and a 24 yr old daughter and I can't imagine life without them ,so to the young mother this is not your fault this is just a learning experience and God makes no mistakes, I'll keep you in my prayers,God was in need of another angel and he choose your baby.

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